Iron Legend – Birth of a Hero

Hey everyone!

I’m Kyle Ransford, I’m owner of Indie game studio Kyle Studios.

This project is for anyone who wants to support development and the creation of new games and gaming live streams.

There will be other games I’ll be working on and a current game. The current game is a 2D Side Scroller titled Iron Legend: Birth of a Hero.

3D games are cool and all. But there’s something about 8-bit, 16-bit style games I like. And I plan on taking inspiration from the games I played during the 90’s and create a series and a franchise of games and characters.

As the project goes on, more info will be revealed. Some character names and aspects of the game are “Working Titles or Names” and may not be final.

The target OS for the Steam version is Windows and other platforms are planned.

Currently, the Wii U version will only be available in the USA.

–See Kickstarter Project Link for Full Description–