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Left Coast Productions Launches ‘Your Indies Are Showing’ – First-of-its Kind Website For Online Independent (‘Indies’) Film Reviews

2008-07-28 13:08:00

Left Coast Productions Launches ‘Your Indies Are Showing’ – First-of-its Kind Website For Online Independent (‘Indies’) Film Reviews

    DANVILLE, Calif., July 28 /EMWNews/ -- With more than 85 million

people worldwide watching independent movies online each month, a Danville,

California company has launched what it hopes will one day be the Internet

equivalent of "Siskel & Ebert" or TV Guide -- "Your Indies are Showing"


    Danville, Calif.-based Left Coast Productions

( believes the website -- which

features reviews from the "Indies Cafe" -- is the nation's only website

devoted to unbiased reviews of independent shorts, features and

documentaries that are shown exclusively or primarily on the Internet.

    In addition to serving as a clearinghouse for independent film viewers,

makers and producers, "Your Indies are Showing" will soon offer an

opportunity for anyone to take a shot at being an online movie critic.

Beginning in September, "Your Indies are Showing" will accept viewers'

reviews and show the best ones on the website.

    Noting the dearth of reviews for sometimes hard-to-find online

independent films, the creators of "Your Indies are Showing" hope to

provide an experience similar to watching syndicated network television

movie review programs

    -- thoughtful, intelligent movie critiques that help viewers spend

their online "movie" time wisely.

    "Movies delivered over the internet are becoming increasingly popular

because they give viewers the freedom to watch what they want ... when they

want it," according to Left Coast Productions President Barbara Murray who

created "Your Indies are Showing." "An entire generation is getting its

entertainment from the Internet. We hope that 'Your Indies Are Showing' can

become the online equivalent of TV Guide or 'Siskel & Ebert' for

independent films. We thought it was about time for someone to praise good

Indies entertainment and help viewers navigate through the numerous choices

among Indies shorts, features or documentaries."

    "Your Indies are Showing" has three hosts at the fun and quirky Indies

Cafe -- whose barista also serves up an opinion as well -- which is created

by the Left Coast team at a studio in Pleasanton. The hosts offer their

opinions of reviewed films and then engage in a lightning round during

which they 'spar' over these films. If there is a hotly debated independent

film in commercial release, then "Your Indies are Showing" co-hosts will

also take on that topic.

    The website also guides viewers to online independent films websites --

including such sites as,, and The website provides

a vehicle for filmmakers who hope to create a buzz in the general public

and includes links to the websites of American and international film

festivals. In addition, the site contains a reference page featuring a wide

array of independent film organizations and other Indies industry


    Editor's Note: Left Coast Media Productions, Inc. (aka Left Coast

Productions) is a small, award-winning media company tucked into the East

Bay of the San Francisco Bay metropolitan region. Formed in 1999, Left

Coast's services include Video production, event production, graphic

design, web design and photography.

    The company has earned numerous awards for its professional but

humorous Corporate Training Videos. Left Coast has served a wide range of

clients from 'mom and pop' stores to Fortune 500 Companies. For more

information, please visit

Contact: Barbara Murray Jim Zelinski/Zelinski Public Relations Left Coast Productions (For Left Coast Productions) 925/829-6475 925/242-0918 or 415/420-6050 (cell) or 925/788-0370 (cell) [email protected] [email protected]

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