Mackenzie Clark GoFundME For my mother ViralExposure Booster Campaign

I’m raising money for a surgery my mother needs extremely bad, she had an infection in her mouth that leaves her in constant pain and is effecting her heart which is terrible for her heart failure and we don’t have the money for the surgery despite years of trying to save what little money we could.

My name is Mackenzie, I am a 17 year old student and I have decided to start a go fund me for my disabled mother who is suffering from a painful infection in her mouth that will only be healed by surgery that we cannot afford, she is unable to hardly eat anything and is left in constant pain unable to help herself and unable to work. The infection is creating a strain on her heart and even more so since she also has heart failure.

I have grown up watching her struggle and suffer alone while not being able to help her especially now that I am suffering from a painful chronic disease and multiple other disorders so now I am going to do the one little thing i can do and ask for any help that i can get to get my mom this surgery.

She is an incredible woman and an even more incredible mother who has given every single thing shes got and more for her two daughters and all I want to do is take away some of her pain. I ask for nothing but kindness prayers and help for the women who has literally put her entire life into helping me ❤


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