Combines Explosion Proof Paint Spray Booth Fluorescent Lights With Explosion Proof Emergency Lights

2008-08-20 02:00:00

In order to meet OSHA’s strict requirements for hazardous location lighting as well as the needs of paint spray booth operators, combines fluroscence with explosion proof qualities that meet OSHA requirements.

Often referred to as intrinsically safe lights, fluorescent lights are popular in paint spray booths because fluorescent lights provide even lighting and more consistent true color

Dallas, TX (EMWNews) August 20, 2008 — OSHA stipulates that paint spray booths must use “explosion proof lights” that are rated Class 1, Division 1 under UL 844 requirements. Fluorescent lights and emergency lights that meet these explosion proof standards do not create enough heat or spark to cause flammable vapors in Groups C and D to ignite in confined spaces, like paint booths. “Often referred to as intrinsically safe lights, fluorescent lights are popular in paint spray booths because fluorescent lights provide even lighting and more consistent true color,” said Rob Bresnahan, President of Larson Electronics’ web sales channel. “While our explosion proof fluorescent lights continue to be popular with oil rigs and aerospace companies as surface mount lights, we have seen more and more paint booth operators working to bring their shops compliant with OSHA requirements. We offer explosion proof fluorescent lights that can be mounted on the ceiling or on carts with wheels. In this way, the operators can either work with overhead lighting or position these hazardous location fluorescent lights to illuminate specific portions of the painted pieces,” Rob continued.

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light
Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light

“We think we offer one of the best values in the industry. Our explosion proof paint spray booth lights are certified to UL 844 for hazardous locations, UL 595 and 1598 as waterproof lights for marine and saltwater applications and UL 924 which covers the use of these intrinsically safe lights as emergency lights. We have recently added a second ballast to our existing fluorescent fixtures that enables them to operate not only as a work area light in the paint spray booth, but also offer 90 minutes of emergency lighting in the event of power loss. Our explosion proof fluorescent light offers dual duty as a functional work light and an explosion proof emergency light, saving the paint spray booth operator or the oilfield operator money, both in fixtures and installation costs, while meeting all the OSHA requirements for hazardous location lighting. To top it off, we offer these fixtures, made right here in Texas, under $1000 each and usually with less than 2 weeks lead time.”

The explosion proof paint spray booth lights are the most recent addition to a growing line of intrinsically safe lights and explosion proof lights designed for oilfield applications and petrochemical plant applications for Specialty items include Class 1, Division 1 HID and LED flashlights, 24 inch tank cleaning lights and rail mount lights for hazardous locations. “We really have worked to become a one stop shop for plant maintenance workers, oil field operators, paint spray booth operators and shipyards, who need a variety of explosion proof surface mount and portable lighting,” Rob concluded.

You can learn more about Larson Electronics and the full range of explosion proof and intrinsically safe lights at or 1-800-369-6671.

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