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Had major pain in my lower left abdomen a couple of times in the beginning of the year. Dealt with it as maybe an injury.  The Tuesday after Easter, developed so much pain I packed a bag and drove myself to the emergency room at Abington Lansdale. Spent 4 days recieving antibiotics intravenisly. Felt better, was sent home with 7 days of anitbiotics. . A week later, major pain again. Went to my family doctor for more antibiotics.  10 days worth. Felt better. 3 days later, major pain again. My doctor sent me back to the hospital, ended up in surgery 4 days later, and recovery has sucked. 
But bills rolling in. My worked screwed me out of sick  pay! Cost me over 10k in income I should have recieved! 
So need help to get back to even.

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