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NAB Attendees Get Sneak Peek at Revolutionary Timing Control and Music Search Features in SmartSound® Sonicfire® Pro 5 Ability to Precisely Time Musical Events to Key Points in a Video T


SmartSound Software, Inc.

2008-04-07 07:00:00

NAB Attendees Get Sneak Peek at Revolutionary Timing Control and Music Search Features in SmartSound® Sonicfire® Pro 5

Ability to Precisely Time Musical Events to Key Points in a Video T

NORTHRIDGE, CA–( EMWNews – April 7, 2008) – Attendees of NAB 2008 who visit SmartSound

Software, Inc.’s booth (South Hall, #SL7712) will be the first to get a

live, up-close look at SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5, the groundbreaking new

development in library music. Shipping in June, this new release accesses

the largest selection of fully customizable library music available. With

new music timing controls and searching features, Sonicfire Pro 5 gives

professional editors the most complete customizable music library solution.

Recent versions of Sonicfire Pro have brought incredible customization

options to the length, arrangement and mix of SmartSound-enabled music.

Sonicfire Pro builds on this history of innovation with a focus on timing

controls, specifically the timing of events in a music score to key points

in a production. This level of control is not available from any other

music library or software product, and is part of what makes Sonicfire Pro

5 the most complete solution ever for creating a customized music score.

Sonicfire Pro 5 features incredible new enhancements to its award-winning

Mood Mapping® feature that make it easy and fast to precisely match the

timing of a score with events in a production. Users will be able to simply

grab a beat in a piece of music and drag it to a nearby edit point or other

key event in a video timeline without changing the rhythm and length of the

rest of the score. The company believes this will be the first time such a

capability has been available for prerecorded music. New control over the

timing of the music section changes helps editors create dynamic music that

matches the pace of their scenes. Also added to this release is the ability

to adjust the tempo of any SmartSound music track while maintaining

customization control. These new innovations enable Sonicfire Pro 5 to

create music scores with tremendous impact without requiring time-consuming

and complex manual editing.

The new “Spotting and Timing” feature in Sonicfire Pro 5 also increases the

precision with which musical events can match events in a video. Editors

can mark key points in the production where additional musical emphasis is

required and Sonicfire Pro 5 will recommend the best-fitting music and

provide different options and methods for achieving the best overall fit

with the key points in the visual.

This ability to include key events in a video timeline as a factor in the

music search is one critical element of the new Sensory Searching feature

in SmartSound’s reconfigured Express Track search tool. Sensory Searching

uses an individual’s personal musical preferences to drill down to exactly

the right piece of music, dynamically changing search results in real-time

as the user modifies their parameters. By using their own ears and creative

musical preferences, the user always has the option to make a comparative

judgment on the current search result and get a new result without ever

having to start the search over.

“Sonicfire Pro 5 may be the most significant technology achievement in the

music library industry in years,” said Kevin Klingler, President and CEO of

SmartSound Software, Inc. “The innovations of precise timing control over

prerecorded music and dynamic, sensory-based music searching, when combined

with our existing features of Mood Mapping and real-time instrument access,

make this the only real choice for anyone interested in customizing music

for their projects.”

Sonicfire Pro 5 will be sold in two editions: the Express Track Edition

gives access to the improved music search function, and basic customization

options such as length, arrangement, and overall instrument mix; while the

Scoring Edition includes access to the Timeline editing tools, such as the

new advanced timing controls and precise control over the instrument mix

throughout the score. The Express Track Edition will be free with any

purchase from SmartSound’s Multi-Layer Music library, or customers can

upgrade to the Scoring Edition for just $99.95. Any customer who is a

registered Sonicfire Pro 4.5 owner will receive a free upgrade to the

Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition.

“Sonicfire Pro 5 is the result of over a decade of research and

development, and arrives decisively at the summit of creative technology

for the music library industry,” said Klingler. “We are proud to make this

achievement free for any current customers as our way of saying thanks for

their support throughout the years.”

Anyone new to SmartSound can qualify for the free upgrade by purchasing the

currently available Sonicfire Pro 4.5 before the June release of Sonicfire

Pro 5. Complete details can be found at

About SmartSound Software, Inc.

SmartSound Software, Inc. is the world-leading developer and marketer of

the SmartSound family of music and scoring technology for visual content

creators. The company has been at the forefront of technological

innovations in the industry, such as the Sensory Searching™ and Mood

Mapping® features in SmartSound® Sonicfire® Pro. SmartSound

technology is available for Windows XP and Macintosh OSX 10.4 or higher,

including PowerPCs and Intel Macs. SmartSound products include: the

Sonicfire® Pro and Quicktracks® for Adobe Premiere® Pro software and

the Strata™, Backstage, Film Score, Producer, Edge, Audio Palette, Sound

Palette, and Movie Music collections of royalty-free music and sound

effects. The company is headquartered in Northridge, CA, and can be reached

by phone at 818-920-9122, by fax at 818-920-9152 or on the Web at

©2008 SmartSound Software, Inc. All Rights reserved. Mood Mapping,

Sensory Searching, SmartSound, Sonicfire, Strata Series, Quicktracks and

Quicktracks for Premiere Pro are either registered trademarks or trademarks

of SmartSound Software, Inc. Other product names are either trademarks or

trade names of their respective holders. Patent numbers 5,693,902,

5,877,445 and patents pending.

Richard Manfredi
Director of Public Relations, SmartSound Software, Inc.
(818) 920-9122, ext. 23

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