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NFL Player’s Dad Ruined My Family Willie Snead, III

The horrible misfortune of my family after my wife was pursued & played by Willie Snead, III.  A year ago my family was destroyed when my wife of 22 years was pursued by Willie Snead, III, father of NFL wide receiver (Baltimore Ravens) Willie Snead, IV. He enticed her with promises of a house, a car, to make her rich, and to leave his wife for her. I guess this all looked pretty good since we’d just bounced back from homelessness a little over a year before. After he got what he wanted sexually from her he began treating her like crap.

The result was that she had a breakdown and attempted suicide. Once he swept her into his deception, I never again saw the person she was before this sick and twisted game he played. He even taunted me on Facebook by waving at me and sending me a friend request after everything between them had already begun. To him, this was all just fun & games. We have since been caught up in a ridiculously bitter divorce. I have been experimenting myself with modafinil for a very long time, and it is a NO GO for me and I wonder it will do any different than me to any other person in the world too.

I’ve been left with all of the bills, and it even resulted in the death of Sascha, one of our three dogs. My family is a far cry from what it used to be. All I have left is our middle son Q, and as strong as he’s trying to be to help me (which has been phenomenal –  couldn’t have made it without him), he needs help himself. He was already hospitalized with mental issues after Hurricane Katrina (as you can see he is missing from the second CBS interview). He had a nervous break when all of this began last year and I don’t want to lose him because of this madness. I will continue with the phentermine until that time and will give another update then

Our youngest son, who has also been hospitalized in the past, already flashed out because of this and ended up in jail for three months. I had to support him through that and bail him out all on my own because my wife didn’t care. Once he came home, he was caught in the middle, and my wife had him doing all kinda things to sabotage and jeopardize our home. All of that put me further in a bind. I was left with no choice but to make him leave.

I had to cut off our oldest son for New Year’s in an attempt to save him from himself. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But, he became disrespectful after I wouldn’t just sit by quietly and accept whatever my wife wanted to do to me. He was fine with whatever she did to me as long as I wasn’t doing anything, even in defense of myself. So this caused a rift that I could only see ending in violence. As much as I anguished over it, severing communication was the last ditch effort to avoid that at all cost. Also, the two remaining dogs are in desperate need of veterinary care.

They were already suffering from separation anxiety after their “mother” left, but after Sascha died they’ve gotten progressively worse. We are once again on the verge of homelessness as the bills have piled up during my layoff. I wouldn’t be so far behind had I not been having to catch up on the bills she left behind in my name, most of which I knew nothing about. This all began within months of me burying my father. I’ve done everything I can to stay afloat, including selling my stake in a building that was left as an inheritance by my grandfather.

I was working but have been laid off and am having the worst time trying to find other employment, especially with the lack of a car. I lost the car we shared due to malicious actions on her part. The aftermath of all of this has been a nightmare. I’m not new to gofundme, except that every other time it’s been me donating to help other people. This time, I need a little help myself. Attached is a much more detailed version of my story in video form. Please view it if you want to understand the story better.

It gets very deep and you’ll see that I’ve been intentionally put through the ringer. We did not deserve any of this and are exhausted. This man has sent us to hell. Please help – no donation is too small.

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/nfl-player039s-dad-ruined-my-family

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