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A healthy, happy family; that is a life I have asked for. Not too much right? But I guess God had so much trust in us. He tested our faith.

I am Manilyn S. Ceriales from Misamis Oriental. I am a mother of two wonderful kids (a 2 year old,and a 3 month old boys). Raising my kids by myself is quite a challenge. Why do I have to raise them most of the time alone, is what I am going to share.

My husband, Ryan Ceriales is an amazing man and a dedicated father. He is sincere and gentle. We met at Holy Cross School of Practical Nursing as students. Our friendship grew stronger with time and eventually fell in-love with him despite knowing his condition. My uncertainty disappeared and I was completely captivated with the idea of spending the rest of my life with this wonderful man. In August 2015, we got married. We are still saving money to live independently and start our family, that is why we are living with my in-laws ( Ryan’s parent & siblings)for the moment. After all, love was greater than my fears. I gambled and had faith that all will fall into place. However, things did not turn out as we expected.

Going back in the past is always a painful journey to recall. Nine years ago, my husband was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease. His heart is failing him in so many ways that he is hindered to do all the things a normal Dad would do. He cannot completely enjoy his favorite hobby; playing basketball and being a Dad. In everything he does there is always a fear that he might suddenly pass out, might get weaker every second. After he had his third stroke in June of 2018, we finally convinced him to stay home and rest. His two valves are already damaged and it does not function well anymore. His health and his heart are deteriorating.

In this connection, I am humbly opening a 100 PESO SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN in an effort to help raise the fund that would buy my husband a new valves; a new healthy heart, a new life. I believe in UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH.
Your single hundred may not mean much to you but to us, it may be the same hundred bill that can extend my husband’s life.

We have used all our savings and his siblings have done several loans to spend for his treatment. My husband needs an open heart surgery as soon as possible, which costs Almost 1,000,000.00 Pesos. I am dishearten knowing that we have to pay such amount because we do not even have a thousand to spend for our babies milk and diapers.

My husband Ryan was advised to get a private Doctor in Philippine Heart Center in the hope that he can have a better chance for the surgery. It broke us in tears upon knowing that the heart center charity cannot cater his medical needs asap, it will take about 5 to 6 years before he can get an operation. That would be too risky for Ryan. Despite that sad news, the doctor assured us that Ryan is in good shape to undergo an operation: He has 97% chance of survival,but before he can have an operation, we need to raise at least 500 thousand pesos for the downpayment on or before March 5, 2019 . Time is of the essence.

My heart is sinking for the expenses, yet above this financial crisis, I know God will deliver us. He will be with us in Saving my husband Ryan. I am steadfast MY HUSBAND IS NOT A HOPELESS CASE.

1 signature is equivalent to 100 peso. All signature donations will be acknowledge under your name or in Anonymous if you wish to be discreet. I am positive this 100 PESO SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN can come a loooong way with all your help. It would mean so much to me and my family if you spare a 100 peso bill for this cause. After all, we are fighting for the life of my children’s father. I have faith that God will use all of you as an instrument for my husband to get a chance and see his Children’s Children.

I am asking for your kind hearts and your prayers. Please help us save a kind man with a beautiful soul. I still believe in miracle that you can read this letter and help us in the best way you can. You can pledge for as low as 1 signature which is 100 peso. God bless you and May God continue to protect you and your beautiful family from harm.

You can use the details below for your signature donations. Thank you in advance. My heart is full.

For Remittance Center : Palawan,ML, Cebuana, Western)
Manilyn Saguing Ceriales
Mobile no. 0905 5259 694

For Bank Account details ( BDO & BPI )
BPI ACCNT: 2019-4238-35
BDO cash card accnt: Manilyn S. Ceriales
BDO no.5267 2700 3954 6185 .

May our Almighty God bless you with good health, a peace of mind, and a beautiful and happy family <3 .

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