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As a first-time director of the documentary Planes, Trains and Wheelchairs I am raising funds to cover some of the cost of making a documentary. It’s the documentary will be about wheelchair accessible travel as I visit Europe in November and specifically London, Rome, Milan, and Paris for two weeks.

This is the first part of the documentary to showcase to others living with disabilities that they are still able to accomplish their goals. The second part of this documentary will follow me around to different conferences and meetings to start to make changes in the hospitality and tourism industry so that there are fewer barriers for people with disabilities when wanting to travel.

Planes, Trains and Wheelchairs is an informative documentary intended to show everyone that regardless of your abilities, travel is entirely possible with correct planning. Not only is this intended to inform people of the options when travelling, it will help businesses and travel centres learn about the many obstacles to be addressed.

The hope of this documentary is to initiate the conversation of eliminating barriers when travelling. The film will be presented at hospitality/tourism conferences as part of an awareness campaign that I hope will drive change in the industry.

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