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Start up cost for Storage Business GoFundMe Campaign

I’m wanting and trying to start a Self storage Facility. this is my first time trying a business venture. I do not have any capital.  i am trying to get a Small Business Loan.

But I have nothing of value for collateral. My area is in a population growth right now.  And a self storage facility would be a great business to have for the communities that are growing around us.

If i can raise enough money to show i have enough capital funds for a SBL. Or to purchase the land for the collateral needed for the loan. The Support would me a ton to me and my wife. we have discussed numerous times about giving back to the community. And one thing we are both passionate about is animal rescue.

As our 3 dogs are rescue. We will also donate what earnings we can to our local church. And give what we can to our community My plans are to build a Facility that will provide storage for the surrounding community. and if possible i plan on having Rv/Boat Storage. i will also sell moving supplies.

Through God all things are possible! Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you donate thank you very much for helping me achieve my goal

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