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Please Help Cynthia Jones get back on her feet GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

Please help Cynthia Jones get back on her feet. She fell & broke her hip on Nov 30, 2018. On Dec 1, 2018 she had hip replacement surgery putting a metal rod in her leg from her hip to her knee. She should have been back to work within 3 weeks. It’s now been 6 weeks since & she’s got a staph infection & has had three clean-out surgeries due to medical neglect.

She had a terrible experience in the hospital. Cindy is now in a rehabilitation center learning how to walk again. She is having a very difficult time & is about to lose everything she has worked so hard for. While in the hospital her landlord told her the bank is taking back the rental she lives in & she’ll have to move. Cindy just needs a little help paying her bills and finding another home. She has been at the same job for over 7 years without any healthcare insurance.

On top of that, the office manager won’t & hasn’t paid her in 6 weeks and she is due money. We believe he is trying to fire her. Cindy is a good-hearted person always helping others & rather do without to help someone in need and now she needs help. She just wants to go home to her two little dogs (one of which is blind) and go back to work. So please if you can help Cynthia Jones with a small contribution to help her get back on her feet it would be so much appreciated.

UPDATE – 2/19/2019
Cindy is home after 9 weeks, awaiting notice to move from the foreclosure. Cindy is still unable to walk & currently is in a wheelchair. Her employer still refuses to pay her for the 6 weeks he owes her. The dogs food, electric & water are covered for this month. If you can not donate, please share & pray. Also, its been 3-4 weeks since we sent a letter to their Church, no one has responded to help them.

Thank you. God Bless.


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/cindy039s-medical-bills-amp-support-to-find-a-home

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