T-Mobile & Robinhood over 60 million combined became victims of a data breach. Now potentially at risk of identity theft & fraud | EMWNews.com

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Recently, T-Mobile & Robinhood customers, over 60 million combined, became victims of a data breach. These customers are now potentially at risk of identity theft and fraud for many years to come.

What Is SIM Hacking?
SIM hacking is when a person gets their hands on a new SIM card that’s tied to you. Here’s how they typically operate:

The hacker contacts your mobile provider and requests a new SIM without your permission.

The operator asks questions to verify your identity, which the hacker has obtained from the recent data breach, dark web, or other sources.

Once the hacker has gained control over your SIM/Phone number they can gain access to all of your personal and financial accounts. We are talking about banking accounts, stock accounts, and all of your social media accounts.

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Bottom Line
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