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efani Review Best Encrypted Smartphone Guaranteed Protection

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Hackers and Scammers SIM Swap Mobile Numbers Daily using Data from Company Breaches. 50 Million TMobile customers’ data breached in 2021. efani provides Guaranteed Protection from SIM Swaps, Eavesdropping and Location Tracking. efani was founded by Haseeb Ewan who was the first SIM swapped in 2018. After getting SIM swapped 3 more times he decided his mobile provider couldn’t be ...

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Prevent Eavesdropping Remote Access Location Tracking Private Phone

T-Mobile & Robinhood over 60 million combined became victims of a data breach. Now potentially at risk of identity theft & fraud | EMWNews.com

Recently, T-Mobile & Robinhood customers, over 60 million combined, became victims of a data breach. These customers are now potentially at risk of identity theft and fraud for many years to come. What Is SIM Hacking?SIM hacking is when a person gets their hands on a new SIM card that’s tied to you. Here’s how they typically operate: The hacker ...

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