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Accellion $8 Million Data Breach Settlement | EMWNews.com

Accellion has protected over 25 million end-users at more than 3,000 Global Corporations & Government Agencies Hospitals | efani SAFE EMWNews.com

Accellion $8.1 million class action settlement for breach platform that allowed companies to securely share large or sensitive files. Accellion has protected over 25 million end-users at more than 3,000 global corporations and government agencies, including NYC Health + Hospitals; KPMG; Kaiser Permanente; Latham & Watkins; National Park Service; Umpqua Bank; Tyler Technologies; and the National Institute for Standards and ...

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Another Crypto Heist LCX Exchange hacked $ 6.8 million | EMWNews.com

Another Crypto heist: LCX Exchange hacked for $6.8M 3. Blockchain Security Firm PeckShield estimated loss | efani SAFE Secure EMWNews.com

The LCX Exchange was attacked, with Peckshield reporting a loss of $6.8 million in Ethereum-based tokens from Liechtenstein-based LCX AG. The Exchange was hacked, $6.8 million was transferred to the hackers’ wallet. One of the platform AG’s hot wallets was hacked as a result of a security vulnerability. Most of the losses suffered included $ 3.4 million USDC, $ 2.2 ...

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Comelec to Explain Alleged Data Breach 4 Months Prior to May Election

COMELEC - Manila Bulletin report 60 GB of "sensitive voter information" stolen by unidentified hackers. Federal Election 2022 Philippines EMWNews.com

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) has suffered another data breach with 4 months to go before the crucial May national elections, a Manila Bulletin report claimed Monday, saying “60 gigabytes” worth of “sensitive voter information” and other data have been stolen by unidentified hackers. The National Privacy Commission on Wednesday directed the Commission on Elections to explain the alleged hacking ...

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UScellular Data Breach Billing System Hack | efani SAFE? EMWNews.com

UScellular Second Data Breach of 2021 hit fourth-largest Carrier. Hackers Gained Access to Customer Data efani SAFE Secure EMWNews.com

UScellular exposes customer personal data and billing info in a second data breach that hit the fourth largest Carrier in 2021. Hackers successfully gained access to the carrier’s customer data and CRM software in January and again in December 2021. UScellular, the mobile carrier, said in data breach notification letters sent to 405 impacted individuals that the attackers also ported ...

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T-Mobile (TMUS) Faces 50 Million Customer Class Action Data Breach

T-Mobile 5 recent Data Breaches. Hackers stole the Personal Identification Data of Millions past present prospective T-Mobile customers, efani Partner Thenfg.com

Past T-Mobile Data Breaches and Lawsuits, 3 breaches in 2021 alone. This is not the first time T-Mobile has failed to protect its customer’s data. T-Mobile has reportedly suffered five recent data breaches. Hackers stole the personal identification data of millions of past, present, and prospective T-Mobile customers, leading to a huge class-action lawsuit. A massive data breach involving the ...

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Capital One (NYSE: COF) Settles Nearly 100M Data Breach Customers

Capital One $190 million Settle Class-Action Lawsuit Hacker, Paige Thomas, stole the personal data of nearly 100 million people in 2019 efani EMWNews.com

Capital One settles biggest data breach in history $190 Million Dollars Capital One has agreed to pay $190 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by customers of the bank. Hacker, Paige Thomas, stole the personal data of nearly 100 million people in 2019. Thompson, in her thirties, is a former Seattle technology company software engineer Amazon (AMZN) Web Services. ...

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Morgan Stanley (NASDAQ: MS) $60 Million Data Breach Settlement

The $60 Million Settlement Federal Court on Friday, Dec. 31, on behalf of around 15 Million Customers who alledge Personal Data | EMWNews.com

Morgan Stanley (NASDAQ: MS) has agreed to pay $60 million as a fine to settle a lawsuit by its customers. The lawsuit alleged that the investment bank had failed twice to correctly rescind some of its outdated information technology that exposed customers’ personal data. Allegedly, failed to properly pull out some of its outdated information technology, and this led to ...

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Hackers Steal Patients’ Financial Identity SSN Medical Data Broward

Patient name birth date financial info bank account driver’s license number email and actual address phone numbers & more | EMWNews.com

Health officials at Broward Health said hackers gained access to its network on Oct. 15 through a third-party medical provider that had access to its system. Broward Health detected the intrusion four days later and notified the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ). The hacker accessed names, birthdays, addresses, banking information, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, patient histories, ...

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$1.7 billion Stolen Cryptocurrency Hacked Exchanges

Hackers captured more than $1.4 billion from DeFi exploits in 2021. Peel-chain Cybersecurity Cybercrime Bithumb Kucoin Bitcoin | EMWNews.com

U.S. Attorney’s Office has stated that North Korean hackers “colluded with other criminals” to steal crypto assets from at least “three digital exchanges” before “laundering the proceeds.” According to the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, a U.S.-based blockchain firm headquartered in South Korea, there have been several instances of attacks on crypto exchanges. Hacks have become a major problem With ...

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Biggest Breach Data Security Hack Leaks Dark Web 2021 Crypto T-Mobile

Record-Breaking year for Leaks, Hacks, Dark Web Data Dumps. T-Mobile Coinbase Facebook Robinhood Tether Experian & More | EMWNews.com

2021 was another record-breaking year for leaks, hacks, and dark web data dumps. Hackers were extremely active in exploiting the weak points of Internet users and companies, with the attacks ranging from private individuals to hospitals and entire municipalities. In 2021, thousands of new cybersecurity incidents have been recorded — and while cryptocurrency theft and data loss are now commonplace, ...

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T-Mobile (TMUS) closed at $114.7 What You Should Know

T-Mobile (TMUS) closed at $114.77, +0.68% on the day. S&P 500's daily gain of 0.96%. At the same time, the Dow added 0.61%. | EMWNews.com

In the latest trading session, T-Mobile (TMUS) closed at $114.77, marking a +0.68% move from the previous day. This move lagged the S&P 500’s daily gain of 0.96%. At the same time, the Dow added 0.61%. Entry-level positions at T-Mobile might see a flurry of job applications soon. Yesterday T-Mobile’s new CEO, Mike Sievert, announced that the company would set a new, higher minimum wage ...

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2021 Sees Over 40 million personal health info leaked

Most Secure Mobile Phone Service Prevent Eavesdropping, Remote Access & Location Tracking SAFE Encrypted Secure Your Identity & Phone NOW AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Tracfone and US Mobile – are susceptible to SIM swap scams

Over 40 million people had health information leaked this year More and more people continue to have their health information exposed through hacks and other data leaks. Hacks and thefts of health data spiked in 2021. Over 40 million people in the United States had their personal health information exposed in data breaches this year, a significant jump from 2020 ...

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Florida 30k Healthcare Workers Personal Data Exposed | EMWNews.com

Hackers discovered name address social security number tax info of than 30k+ healthcare workers run by Gale Healthcare Solutions | EMWNews.com

Ethical hackers discovered the names, addresses, social security numbers, and tax information of more than 30,000 healthcare workers in a database run by Gale Healthcare Solutions. More than 30,000 US healthcare workers’ personal information was recently exposed due to a non-password-protected database, according to security researcher Jeremiah Fowler and a team of ethical hackers with Website Planet. Fowler discovered a database run ...

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Ubiquiti $4bn VPN Breach Scandal Exposed

VPN outage led to the arrest of a former Ubiquiti developer. Nickolas Sharp, has reportedly been charged trying to extort Ubiquiti | EMWNews.com

You should use a VPN that provides a “kill switch” Using a VPN without a kill switch is a bad idea. Recently, a brief VPN outage led to the arrest of a former Ubiquiti developer. This developer, Nickolas Sharp, has reportedly been charged with stealing data and trying to extort his employer Ubiquiti while pretending to be a whistleblower at ...

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Mark Levin: Says “Wow” in Response to FINRA Bank Data Breach Lawsuit & Peterson-Garvey Case Stonewalling

Mark Levin Says Wow in Response to FINRA Bank Data Breach Lawsuit on Capitol Hill

A right-wing Muslim-American solicitor sues U.S. presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and 37 other parties after ‘AUSA’ negligently sent him unsecured FINRA data BRUSSELS , BELGIUM , December 18, 2019 /EMWNews.com/   According to last week’s public notice published by Peterson’s publicist, and the actual federal complaint, Cary Lee Peterson v. Foster Garvey P.C., et al. (C.A. No. 1:19-CV-03662 (D.C. District, U.S.) ...

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