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Prince Zakai Boccia GoFundME Viral CrowdFunding Exposure

I’m trying to raise money for my Dubai’s International Boccia Competitions for December 2018. Please assist me in getting my funds for this tournament please. Thanks

My name is Fawad Ahmed Zakai. I was born disabled with Cerebral Palsy. I am an athlete with USA Boccia. I have been with USA Boccia Team since 2009.

Through my participation in the Sport of Boccia I have adopted certain skills that given me the advantages in improving my lifestyle and as well as my performances in this sport.

https://www.prince-zakai.com/please-donate or my GoFundME at






To all who are interested in contributing to my trip to Dubai for my International Boccia Tournament in December 2018.

Here are the breakdowns for The Dubai’s Boccia Tournament:

Airfares Roundtrip:-


$1,850 – $2,465

Sport Assistant:

$1,850 – $2,465

Registration Fees:-

Includes: Rooms and Boardings for athlete, sport assistant, personal care assistant.

$3,486 – $5,475



$275 – $340

Sport Assistant:

$275 – $340

The total costs would be around:–



For more info: http://https://www.prince-zakai.com/please-donate

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