Rebuild St Martin – NoBorderBuilders GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

St Martin has just been hit by the most powerful hurricane ever registered and while most of the immediate help will be for people to be safe and have access to water, food and shelter, time to rebuild will come immediately.

NoBorderBuilders St Martin wants to mobilize a crew of experts in architecture and construction that will locally assess immediate needs to coordinate renovation process. Funds will directly be allocated to local intervention in order to plan, coordinate and execute the island reconstruction.

95% of the island is potentially destroyed and will be in deep need of:

– Immediate shelter assistance locally or internationally with family abroad and welcome package around the area (Miami, Puerto Rico…) which will include flight, lodging, food and clothes

– Full survey after water, wind and debris impact. An expert team will be sent to every location in order to provide full report on personal belonging and property damage so each family member can assess a safe proper plan of action

– Coordination with local authorities and insurance agencies to collect fund allocation timeline. A How-To guide created for each family in order to have a go to number for each situation.

– Preparation of rebuilding package that will include the preliminary survey and plan of action to mobilize consolidation or reconstruction crew.

Entire families will need help beyond basic needs. Rebuild St Martin will mobilize a crew for every steps of actions that is required to safely and quickly rebuild the jewel of the Caribean.

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