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Alyssa’s mother passed from Cancer in 2007, since then her family life has taken a bad turn and she has been emotionally abused, involved in drunk driving accident, subject to driving with her parent while drunk, made to lie for his actions, she is only now just turned 12 and her life has been a truama filled one. She was recently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress and I have been told by her therapist that after listening to Alyssa just one visit, she was able to tell that Alyssa has lived a Trauma Filled Life! I tried for years to do something but the system is warped in MD unfortuantely! At the crisis of this ongoing nightmare, both Alyssa and her older brother told me they could not take another moment of the life they were living! I took a leap of faith and when I was finally able, I stepped in to stop this all when I finally was able to in March 2016. Since then the lawyer, court, mediation, therapy bills have been piling. I drained my 401k account to save her but this is not enough. I have lost numerous hours and days going to Court, to Court Order Therapists, to Lawyers, doctors it is all worth it save her! Alyssa was failing in school and now with me only 1 year under temporary physical custody she has made the honor roll, made new good wholesome friends, is involved in chorus in school. She is thriving and finally able to sleep at night but still has to attend therapy weekly because of all the trauma in her short life. There is much much more to this story but to keep it within bounds because of the still upcoming court dates and court therapists and the lawyer appointed to work for her, this is all I can describe now. The amount to save a child from an abusive situation should not cost what it does, but unfortunately the cost is exorbitant.

To be able to properly provide for Alyssa I am asking for help in paying the lawyers, therapists and court costs and all other costs involved to protect her. This will give Alyssa the mental well being she deserves and the safety of a loving, non addictive home. Alyssa can and will be the one to break this alcohol and other addictive substances cycle.

I am eteranlly grateful for whom ever and what ever assistance is provided to save this child from this continuing abusive, harmful situation! A child’s life is precious and should be protected at all costs! It is up to each of us to look out for one another, unfortuantly some fall short of this all to important task of caring for thier family members…

I Thank You Each from My Heart for helping Alyssa be free this abusive life. All children deserve to live in a home with a loving guardian whether it is their parents or another relative should it be necessary and live a good life, not one where they fear breathing, sleeping, eating, going to school, coming home to fear and worse.

My Sincere Thanks,

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