Save my mothers home.

My mother has lived in this home for 26 years and has recently been having a hard time with her medical issues. She has been losing track of what is being paid and what is not. I will be dedicating part of my income to help her maintain the house on a regular basis. I have taken over managing payments, but neither of us can muster the money to pull her home from foreclosure. I have managed to get the other issues dealt with. To get her home out of foreclosure, USDA requires the back-owed amount of near $5,000. I am here asking for help to allow my mother, who is 64, keep her home she worked very hard for and has invested a lot into. USDA has canceled the foreclosure acceleration for the time being to give her more time to take care of the issue.

A quick backstory. My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease roughly 10 years ago. As time goes on, the disease has become worse, to the point where her mental sharpness and memory are failing. She has had two brain surgeries for the DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation). During that time and while recovering is when she started to lose track. I was unaware of how things were with her finances. I now work as her HCA or home care aide.

I thank anyone who is willing to help and vow to pay it forward.

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