Saving Nicole by Jennifer Holeyfield GoFundME Campaign

Desperately need to raise funds to get my daughter home and in treatment facility. Thank you for taking a moment to read this as I type it thru tears, please bear with me.  I desperately need your help to save my daughter. Nicole is 23 and she has been mixed up in things that no parent wants to fathom their child being mixed up in. She was brought up in a good and loving home, a military family at that but drug addiction does not care about your background or upbringing. It is something that can happen to any family.

She wanted a relationship with her biological father who had given up his rights when she was 6 (for good reason). He got her started on meth and then whatever drugs they could score. She started selling herself to get cash. Our family went thru a grieving process, it was truly as if she had died because I knew I was helpless to do anything while her biological father was involved. He is a diagnosed Sociopath with criminal tendencies which placed us all in danger. The person who was supposed to be her father is destroying her and it is tearing me to pieces.

Her biological father is now in jail after being busted by the feds for running some sort of drug ring thru the mail. I have talked to my daughter many times over the past few weeks and I believe I can actually step in and try to help her, to save her life. With the destructive force of her bio father removed, she has an actual shot at making a recovery.

I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. I need to try. I miss my little girl, my first born. She has 4 siblings that want their sister back.

This is where you come in. I cannot fund saving my daughter. Which totally guts me to my core.  We are barely making ends meet currently. My amazing husband (who adopted her by the way at age 8) has fought brain cancer among other deployment issues which forced him to learn how to read again and now is fighting with the VA for his benefits). I lost my job and thankfully found another but at a 25 percent pay cut…things are financially rather scary right now . We also have a  4, 10, 11 and 17 year old.

She is 1,800 miles away and I need to fly out and fly her back to our city where I have found an inpatient treatment program we can all participate in her treatment. I can barely afford our bills right now and we have already burned thru our savings to cover my missed time at work when my husband was ill. I have already been turned down for loans and the limited extended family we have do not have any means to help.

So here I am sharing my personal life with strangers and holding onto a last shred of hope that enough of you will pitch in 5 or 10 bucks and maybe if a few of you are pretty comfortable you would consider a larger investment is saving a young woman’s life and in turn saving her entire family as we have been lost without her.

We need approx. 1,500 for airfare and lodging for me to go get her and the rest is all for the inpatient treatment who has already agreed to deeply discount their services. I would like to have a small fund to help her get on her feet after treatment as well. Please donate or at least share with others. Time is of the essence here as the company she is keeping is dangerous.

(Please understand I do not want to share her current photos as I do not want to put her in danger if perhaps someone see’s this)

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