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Two years ago this past April, Dean Scott Henry had a massive heart attack and has been fighting his way back to us ever since. His family and friends believe that God has a plan and we are waiting patiently.

Meanwhile, his wife, Belinda, has been working with doctors, nursing care, and insurance to ensure that Scott is given the appropriate care. Scott is being cared for at home. The past year she has still managed her full time career as well as providing Scott with 8 hours of care while a nursing company has supplied 16 hours of care a day.

With the cutover from COBRA to Medicare the insurance coverage has changed once again. Insurance is now going to only cover 120 eight hour shifts of nursing care. This will only cover 8 hours a day for the rest of the year. This means that she will need to cover 16 hours a day while working full-time and getting some sleep in there somewhere.

I am starting this account to help my friend and sister cover the expense of the 8 hours that insurance is no longer covering. There are 84 days left in the year. This campaign is just to cover nursing care expenses through the end of the year.

If you cannot donate, please share and say a prayer for the family. God Bless.

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