Separated family Hope for a new home GoFundMe

Big family needs help to clear things up and be family again, recently married with 7 kids between us. My girlfriend and I recently got married, what seemed like a joyous occasion was met with stress and headache , together we have 7 kids of which 4 live with us permanently. We have been together for 11 years.

This summer hurt us bad, we lost our jobs because it closed down and we had to find new ones .

Which set us back. And the duplex I’m living in has been sold and I have to move out and she is stuck in a bad rental situation with her roommate, and I’m forced to find a new place to live with out the income I’m used to making . everything fell apart very quickly.

We are both in a panic , I’m having to send my sons to my dad’s. And to make matters worse we were side swiped by a hit and run driver on the 4th of July. Please help turn my family’s luck around. We all miss each other and are wanting to be back together under one roof.

Me myself not sure where I’m going, I am going to be on my own til all of this can be fixed.

I miss coming home to my wife and kids, for now we are separated .