Service Dog for US Veteran GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

Meet US Veteran Steve. Steve is “hoping” to get service dog named Espinoza; aka Espi, to help him with his day-to-day needs. Steve desperately needs our help! Steve is a 36 years young veteran who served our country in the US Navy; deployed on the USS Arlington LPD 24.

In 2013, the Navy granted him an Honorable Discharge (General) due to his medical condition. Steve then returned home, to Boston area, to receive additional medical treatment. He later suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) causing permanent and physical damage affecting his balance, speech, and fine motor skills. Steve spent 1 month in a coma and was not expected to live.

Miraculously, he woke up! Being paralyzed and unable to speak, Steve’s comeback took over 4 years of extensive rehabilitation. Steve’s spirit, youth and determination guided him through extensive physical and speech therapies. These efforts allowed Steve to progress from being completely bed ridden, to a wheel chair, to walker/cane, and now he can walk on his own. Steve’s balance and speech impediment placed him in numerous awkward and often dangerous situations.

When he was released from rehabilitation he was placed in public housing. Unfortunately, one night walking back from grocery store, he was robbed and severely beaten. His physical balance issues led his attackers to perceive him as an “easy target.” This incident caused the local housing authority to move Steve to our and town (Ipswich, MA) to ensure Steve’s safety. Espi is a 4 month old East German Shepherd and is currently in training. Espi would be a great mobile service dog for Steve and would provide him with the stability and support to help him with his balance/walking problems.

PLEASE, can you help us make Espi, Steve’s Forever Service Dog? In Spanish, “Espinoza” means “HOPE”. To make Steve’s dream possible, we are HOPING to raise $12,000. This money would be used to purchase Espi from Miles River Kennel, Ipswich MA and obtain specialized training from Diamondmatch Shepherds, in Amherst MA to ensure Espi becomes a Certified Service Dog.

Any additional monies collected will be donated directly to Steve to help with his daily living and ongoing weekly rehab visits, living expenses, support his family and to pursue an education in journalism.

Please help make Steve’s dream come true and pair Steve and Espi together forever.


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