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Sierra Sound Secures New Funding Round

2008-07-15 10:00:00

Maker of Award-Winning “Made-for-iPod”

Speakers Gains Second RoundOf Funds to Launch Additions to

Smart Speaker Family

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif.–(EMWNews)–Sierra Sound, a leader in Smart consumer electronics audio

solutions that bridge existing high-end sound designs with todays

cutting edge technology, today announced that the company will receive

its second round of funding from investors located in the Greater Bay

and Sacramento Valley area.

Our iN Studio 5.0 speakers have been

recognized as a leading-edge product for todays

electronics consumers, said Lamar Green,

President of Sierra Sound, LLC. With this new

round of funding, Sierra Sound will expand on the family of smart

speakers that started with the iNStudio 5.0.

Sierra Sound represents an impressive local

company with great potential, said Pete

Bernadoni, Partner of Technology Funding, a principle investor. Their

innovative product ideas are truly indicative of what the current

consumer market is looking for.

Sierra Sound has built a profitable business

with a unique multinational company infrastructure,

said Michael Foos, Partner at B2B CFO, also a Sierra Sound investor. They

have focused their efforts on the development and marketing of their

acclaimed Smart sound systems while outsourcing all of the other

company functions.

Sierra Sound announced that the company intends to use the capital

raised to support marketing and sales efforts aimed at launching new

additions to the Smart Speaker family. The companys

iNStudio 5.0 is the flagship of that product line, which is unique in

its ability to bridge the gap between traditional audiophile speakers

and new portable speakers for digital music players by integrating a

large amount of functionality into a product that also produces a

surprisingly beautiful sound.

iNStudio 5.0 smart speakers are currently available from,,,,

(J&R Electronics), as well as a number of other audio retailers. MSRP

for a set of iNStudio 5.0 smart speakers is $299.

About Sierra Sound

Sierra Sound was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in El Dorado

Hills, California. The companys mission is

to bring to market Smart Speaker Systems that fully leverage the

capabilities of digital music systems. All Sierra Sound systems include

built-in amplifiers and integrated iPod docks.

Sierra Sound
Mark Bosse


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