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Single Color Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Mixtures for the Personal Care Industry

2008-08-13 02:00:00

LCR Hallcrest is now offering a standard range of single color cholesteric liquid crystal mixtures for the personal care industry. These cosmetic additives produce striking visual effects that are opalescent and iridescent in appearance.

Glenview, IL (EMWNews) August 13, 2008 — LCR Hallcrest a leading formulator and microencapsulator of cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) mixtures is pleased to announce the availability of a standard range of CLC mixtures and the capability to produce custom mixtures designed to meet the needs of the cosmetic industry.

LCR Hallcrest was a pioneer in the use of CLC mixtures as ingredients in skin care cosmetics in the late 1980s and has supplied the international personal care industry with a wide range of novel raw materials based on its proprietary technologies.

  • tThermotropic Cholesteric Liquid Crystals (CLC)

otNovel Oily Blends that Produce Striking Visual Effects

otOpalescent / Iridescent Appearance

otOcclusive Emollient Effects on Skin

otCLCs are oils which are soluble in other oils and esters but insoluble in water and propylene glycol

Standard single color CLC mixtures have been developed, reflecting, respectively, red, green and blue light. These have clearing points between 50-55ºC (122-131ºF). Mixtures showing orange and violet are also available, as is a special “silver” mixture which reflects light in the IR region. Product specifications are available for all six standard mixtures at

These standard mixtures are all intermixable to give intermediate colors, while keeping the clearing point fixed. (For example, by mixing the red and violet together it is possible to make the orange, green and blue.)

For Information contact: info @

Phone: 847.998.8580

LCR / Hallcrest the International leader in Color Changing Temperature Indicating Technology and Graphics specializes in the micro-encapsulation of liquid crystal compounds and the development / manufacturing of products, inks, dyes and paints that change color

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