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Stem cell help with Osteoarthritis GoFundME CrowdFunding Campaign

After working in the Law Enforcement community for almost 21 years I have been diagnosed with severer arthritis from my neck to my knees. I have degeneration in my neck, spine, hips and have no padding left in my knees. The only thing in traditional medicine to help with future mobility (maybe) for the rest of my life would be surgeries and/or replacements of possibly both hips and knees, which is risky and complicated and expensive.

The other alternative, which I am not willing to accept is a walker or wheelchair.

What I need help with is the cost of getting stem cell therapy. The research indicates that inflammation is reduced and even the regrowth of some bone and ligaments.

I am trying to go to the Stem Cell Institute of Panama where the technique they use is the best and most effective in the world and one that is not currently used in the US even though there is no doubt that day will come. Go to YouTube and look at the videos on the Stem Cell Institute of Panama. They have had wonderful results.

I am grateful for this opportunity. I’ve worked out all my life and have been strong. I am determined to not let this beat me.

Thank you so much for any help. If 2500 people all gave $15.00 my goal would be exceeded just enough to cover everything.

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