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Team Laura by Jodie Urban GoFundMe Campaign

My name is Jodie.  I have known Laura and Mike for around 20 years now.  My husband and Laura went to school together and have known each other for most of their lives.  Laura is my sister, and her kids are family.   My four kids and her 2 have grown up together, and this hits all of us who love Laura really hard.

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       I am making this site out of the desire for all of us to DO something.  Due to Corona Virus, I feel like our hands are tied.  We can’t go visit, and we live an hour away, so I thought all of us who can’t go shower her with love personally could throw in a couple of dollars and help pitch in with their medical bills.

    Laura Kennedy is a 40 year old wife and mother of 2 preteen girls. She is an outgoing, kind, loving and caring woman who can always lift your spirits, even in the most trying of times. Ask her hundreds of former band students, into whose lives she has poured her love of God and music. Even through her own personal struggles she will always offer a hand to those in need, be it a kind word, an offer of assistance, or a heartfelt prayer. Now it’s her turn to trust in others for support.

Around the end of February 2020, Laura began to experience a dizzying array of minor, seemingly unrelated health issues. She was seeing doctor after doctor with such concerns as swollen glands, skin infections, and sinus pain. Through all these trips to the doctor she stayed positive that this new medication would set her to rights, once it had a chance to do its job. Finally on March 17, St. Patrick’s day, she got the call she never expected.

She had gone back for a follow-up with her GP after developing yet another new symptom. Suspecting a drug interaction was to blame the doctor ordered bloodwork, just to make sure it wasn’t anything more serious. She was floored when later that evening the same doctor called with her results, telling her she needed to get to the E.R., now. Her blood tests indicated Leukemia, and the doctors in the ER concurred. She was transferred in the middle of the night by ambulance to Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland and admitted immediately.

On the morning of March 18 she began her new chapter of life as a leukemia patient. Further tests followed; a one marrow biopsy, echocardiogram, countless blood tests. It would be another 3 days before the final diagnosis was in – Acute Myeloblastic(Myeloid) Leukemia – or AML. Now she had to wait for genetic testing to confirm whether she carried a specific genetic marker – the presence of which would dictate a more intensive course of chemotherapy would be required to treat her disease.

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, Laura was only allowed to have 2 visitors – 2 specific individuals whom she named, from the whole of the human population, would be allowed to visit her, and only one a time. Neither of her children were allowed to visit, as they were under 18. By the end of March 20, even those 2 individuals, her husband Mike, and her mother Dorine were forced to say goodbye for the last time until treatment is over, as the hospital went on full lockdown.

Finally on the evening of March 21 she received some good news.  She did not carry the genetic marker, and the standard treatment could begin. At 8 pm, treatment commenced; the following days will see seven days of continuous induction of chemotherapy drugs, to be followed by a week of monitoring and continued isolation, then a second bone marrow biopsy to confirm that all her leukemia is gone. If all goes well she will stay an additional 2 weeks, receiving follow-up treatment, and finally being released to return home after 4 weeks of being isolated from her family.

Please follow Laura’s Adventure and leave her well wishes on her Caring Bridge Site:

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