My name is Fatu and I am needing your help GoFundME Booster

Hello, my name is Fatu and I am needing your help. I have been living with pain since 2010 but the doctors didn’t do nothing until it get worse now. My stomach hurts everyday that I don’t remember the day I live without pain. My body is like a pain island. I have a 7cm ovary cyst that is painful and it seems like a cancer but the doctors say it is not a cancer. But if this not a cancer then what it is?
Their answer is painful ovary cyst. I sleep on ice or heat pad to reduce the pain since pain killer is nothing to it. Sometime none of heat or cold pad nor any pain killer work. The pain burn like a pepper in wound. This pain is causing me to not sleep and I keep jumping up from sleep when the pain attack me.

I have headache all time from this pain. Sometime when the pain attack me when I am asleep, I feel like somebody is siting on my nose stopping me from breathing.

Please help me with any amount or share, donate. Thanks, God bless!

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