The Pack Bill Albert IndieGoGo Campaign

The Pack, by Bill ALbert is an independent film to made in Iowa! What if they came into town looking for food? Help make this film happen. Award winning script writer working hard at going up a level. You could be the first victim.

For the past several years I’ve been making short films and documentaries through Public Access Television Channel 18 in Iowa City, Iowa. My work has been distributed though a website, PegMedia, to more than 60 public access TV stations around the US and even one in South Africa.

Through FilmFreeway I have entered dozens of festivals around the world and have had entries chosen and shown in the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, Brazil, and several locations across the United States. A pilot script I wrote for a TV series has also been getting noticed.

In 2017 it won third place at the Los Angeles Screenplay Contest and second place at the California Film Film Awards. Just a few weeks ago it won Gold Level at the 2018 Hollywood Screenplay Contest. All this I’ve done working completely on a volunteer basis with very small casts and, maybe, two crew members.

This film, “The Burning Room” is one of the films I’ve done and is heavily influenced by the classic “The Twilight Zone.”

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