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Tips To Set Budget On A Temporary Tent

Shelter Structures, a company specializing in fabric buildings and air structures, often finds itself at the center of discussions regarding the diverse applications of these two types of constructions. Nowadays, temporary structures, or so called temporary buildings, have been trending and been opted for during these years. People and businesses think more wisely when comparing which buildings to choose, among temporary structures, permanent structures and conventional concrete and steel buildings. In this post-pandemic era, global economic is unstable and fluctuate as common sense. Businesses are more focusing on their needs. Due to the great features of temporary structures, versatility, flexibility, adaptability, cost effectiveness, and more, temporary structures are the perfect choice for period-related needs, and they offer unique benefits which you will not find with permanent options. 

Here comes the questions, how much does a temporary structure cost? And how to control your budget on a temporary structure?

When you read these questions, your immediate response is very likely to be: it depends on what you need. This is a correct answer, but there are some factors which drive the cost more than others and everything should be considered before deciding upon the route you want to go.

Therefore, understanding the process and options is extremely important for you to control the budget of a temporary structure in need, and finally you can make the right decision to get the fit-for-purpose and budget friendly structure.

This is another vital aspect that you need to consider. When talking about dimensions, length and width are the prior to consider. You need to have a clear picture about how big your goods or assets need to be accessed and stored; if you are in event industry, how many guests will you host, and 1 guest can be counted for how many square meters?

However, dimensions do not only mean the length and width. You need to consider the eave height, which is also called side height. Eave height indicates the height distance from the ground to the eave. Eave height is totally different with ridge height, or so called top height. It determines the highest part which your assets can access the structure. For temporary structures of Shelter Structures, eave height vary from 3 to 8 meters. Worthy to mention, at Shelter Structures, our span can reach up to 60m which indicates the width, the length can be unlimited and of 5 meters increments.

About Shelter Structures

Shelter Structures, renowned globally for its expertise in fabric structures offers an extensive array of space solutions, catering to various domains including events, sports, and industrial applications. This brand is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. It is recognized for providing reliable and versatile structures, designed to meet the multifaceted needs of clients across the world. Their products stand out in the market for their adaptability and excellence, reflecting the company’s dedication to delivering top-tier space solutions.

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