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Travesty of our legal system- Legal Defense Funds.
I had a business with a partner, after 2 years in business the ex-partner stoled about $35K from the business account and took over $20K in payments from customer. I had to file a law suit to recuperate the funds, after that the ex-partner filed a law suit against me and my family. That I stole money from the business to purchase my home.
Now, after 3 years in litigations and over $170K in legal fees, I might lose these battle because I cannot keep paying attorney’s fees. I also had hired a forensic account, which the report confirmed that no funds were used to purchase my home.
The problem is our legal system does not work the way we image.
You have to go all the way to the end and spend probably another $100K to present your case. The ex-partner has the money & funds to letigate and found an attorney, that does not believe in being honest, they will spend the money not to lose.
I need help, since all my all funds that I had saved for years went for legal fees. Now I will lose the business my home that I worked for over 10 years, not beacuase I did something wrong but because I do not have money to pay attorney fees.
If I stop fighting he will win and also my be able to steal my home.
Please, I need help to avoid this person to get away with a crime.
I also can’t not believe the existing legal system would aloud someone with no proof of any wrong doing of my part, just a here say, can just make a claim in court and can attached a Les Pendens in our home, again without any proof just base on allegations.
I just find out how our court system works.
Please I need financial help as much you can, would be more then appreciated. If you can donate $10 or $20.00 will help me in the long run.
Thank you.

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