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Tyler can’t walk. Not anymore. (In this story we have shared an endearing picture of his Dad walking with him before the tragic news hit his family.) He was still a small boy when his Mom noticed changes in his motors skills. His behavior, too, was often aggressive and out of control. Around the age of 2, the aggressive behavior toward his family became more worrisome. His Mom took him to the family doctor.

The doctor told her that there was nothing wrong with her little son. His behavior was normal. Tyler’s Mom was not reassured.

As the behavior persisted she began to seek out other doctors. But no one could identify any problems with Tyler. Finally, In 2007, when her little boy was about 3, a doctor at Duke University in North Carolina identifies, after extensive testing, an inherited gene. This gene, passed on to Tyler, meant his loving family had something very big to deal with. Their beautiful little boy had a bleak future. While other parents are relishing in their baby’s accomplishments Tyler was at his pinnacle. He would slowly lose his ability to talk, to walk,  to sit, to eat, to learn, to mature. He was diagnosed with a very rare disease called MPS, Mucopolysaccharidoses. The doctors told the family that most children with MPS don’t live more than ten years.

MPS has wreaked havoc on his young life. And as the doctor promised he has lost all ability to walk, talk. His personality has become a mystery as his ability to interact with his family has decreased over the years. But unlike the doctor’s prediction Tyler has lived to the age of 14.  He has been exquisitely loved and cared for by his family.

Tyler goes to school. Every day. His parents take him on trips, too. ( He once loved the ocean, hearing the splashing of the waves.)
But as he has grown so has the difficulty of managing him. He is heavy now. He must be lifted every day in and out of bed to a wheelchair to the car, up and down, into a car seat.
His Mom and Dad, realizing the stress this maneuvering has taken on their bodies, began to think about a buying a wheelchair van. Because of the high cost, they have consistently put it off while the physical management of their son continues to take a toll on their bodies.

His family is humble, thoughtful and caring, both parents in service professions. An angel has decided to seek help through this fabulous internet median to make this dream come true for them. Will you consider, even the smallest donation for Tyler’s new wheels?
If you can help Tyler smiles with cover the earth.
Thank you



For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/Tylers-new-wheels