Veteran Family in desperate need GoFundME Campaign

I’m a 50-year-old women with major health issues as was born with one kidney and blood disorder which has caused many hospitals stays, one trip died in ambulance on the way ( one stay in total darkness, no sound at all or visitors including doctors or nurses barely coming in as seriously thought my brain would explode). Before I go much farther this is hard for me as I’m a private person who doesn’t ask for help going without if needed for my family and others.

I have a 9-year-old daughter who needs surgery insurance won’t cover according to the children’s hospital. A vet husband with major mental issues and horrible pain that goes from one minute crying like a child to explosive. My children don’t understand him and its hard on us all as most times he stays in bed and when gets up stays mostly to himself and talking to himself. ( once I was teaching kids school lessons we smelled smoke. I thought he forgot and lit a smoke inside, but the smoke got stronger so I went out to the kitchen to see a huge fire on stove and him just sitting there playing a game on phone.

He zones out a great deal, is afraid of people and jumps at things he says he sees so we don’t really have much of a life outside of the apartment. In advance, GOD BLESS ANY WHO HELP US !!. I’m seeking help first for daughters surgery and then a country home so my husband can relax and be at peace more which will ease my stress which can be deadly as I also have an IVC or IVF filter and my hearts borderline.

I could then also maybe for my sake get back into painting to also keep us going. PLEASE HELP AND DON’T OVERLOOK US.

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