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Washington-area Fertility Center has Created More Than 17,000 Pregnancies

2008-07-25 06:00:00

Washington-area Fertility Center has Created More Than 17,000 Pregnancies

  Announcement Made on 30th Anniversary of Birth of World's First IVF Baby

    FAIRFAX, Va., July 25 /EMWNews/ -- Genetics & IVF

Institute announced today, on the 30th anniversary of the birth of the

world's first IVF (in vitro fertilization) baby, that it has created more

than 17,000 pregnancies through in vitro fertilization and other advanced



    "Louise Brown, the world's first baby born through in vitro

fertilization, was born in England on July 25, 1978, and media outlets

trumpeted the news of the first 'test tube baby', says David Wise,

president and CEO of Genetics & IVF Institute (GIVF), which is based in

Fairfax, VA. "Now, people around the world are enjoying parenthood thanks

to the invention of IVF by the remarkable British scientists Drs. Robert

Edwards and Patrick Steptoe. We honor them today on the 30th anniversary of

Louise Brown's birth."

    Founded in 1984, GIVF was one of the first free-standing fertility

treatment centers in America. GIVF pioneered the development and

implementation of many improved fertility treatment technologies and

methods, including non-surgical retrieval of eggs and sperm,

intracytoplasmic sperm injection and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of

embryos (PGD). GIVF also developed a new, patented sperm separation

technique for pre-conceptual gender selection called MicroSort(R)

( which is currently in an FDA clinical trial. It

is the only American infertility treatment center with its own donor egg

( and donor sperm

( programs. GIVF also introduced high tech

infertility treatment in China and is the only American center that

provides infertility treatment in China.

    Many of the pregnancies created at GIVF are in patients with

particularly challenging infertility problems, including some who have been

rejected for treatment by other centers.

    "Every pregnancy is a cause for joy. Patients who come to GIVF seeking

help to become pregnant are elated when they learn that they have achieved

pregnancy and our staff is thrilled to help them," Mr. Wise said.

    GIVF's main offices and laboratories are located in Fairfax, VA, with

additional offices, medical and laboratory facilities in Ashburn, VA and in

Maryland, Texas, Minnesota, California, and China.

    For more information on GIVF and its extraordinary range of programs,


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