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Western Troy Files Claims on Six Quebec Prospects

2008-07-21 10:07:00

Western Troy Files Claims on Six Quebec Prospects

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(EMWNews – July 21, 2008) – Western Troy Capital Resources Inc. (TSX VENTURE:WRY) (“Western Troy”), announced today that it had filed claims on six new Quebec prospects. Western Troy’s VP of Exploration, Wayne Holmstead, has visited or plans to visit each of the properties for a preliminary evaluation of each prospects’ potential. A qualified person has not done sufficient work to verify the historical resources of these prospects as current. The company is not treating the historical resources as current and it should not be relied upon. The following are descriptions of each of the prospects:

Portneuf Mo-Rare Earth Element Property

The Portneuf property is located near the town of Portneuf on the St Lawrence Seaway, about 60 kilometers west of Quebec City. The property consists of 1 claim (59.07 hectares, registered February 26, 2008) that covers a portion of the mineralized zone. The molybdenum mineralization here is contained in granitic gneisses that have been intruded by pegmatites. The following values have been encountered by diamond drilling programs by previous owners (GM5862 Quebec Assessment Files):

0.42% Mo over 0.9m
0.24% Mo over 1.8m
0.24% Mo over 1.5m
0.18% Mo over 1.5m
0.18% Mo over 5.5m


Selected grab samples from the trenches have varied from 0.16 to 1.16 % MoS2. Portneuf Mineral Corp reported 4,082,000 tonnes of 0.18% Mo (non 43-101 compliant). A spectrographic analysis by the Colorado Assaying Company of a selected sample from trench 1 gave the following results:

0.2-0.5% Cerium
0.1-0.2% Lanthanum
0.1% Neodymium
0.1% Praseodymium
0.1% Samarium
0.1% Zirconium


This property was visited by Western Troy but abundant spring snow prevented a thorough investigation.

Stukely Sud Cu-Mo Property

The Stukely Sud property is located about 3 km north of the town of Stukely Sud in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and about 105 km east of Montreal. The property consists of one claim (60.5 hectares, registered February 26, 2008). Grab samples taken here by a Quebec Government field crew (1990) in metamorphosed marbles showed 2500 ppm copper and 1000 ppm molybdenum in one sample and 5600 ppm copper and 469 ppm molybdenum about 20m to the west across strike from the first sample. The property was visited by Western Troy and again heavy snow prevented a thorough investigation.

Lac Washicoutai Rare Earth Property

The Lac Washicoutai property is located about 72 km east of the town of Natashquan on the North Shore of the St Lawrence River. The property consists of 4 claims in 2 blocks (registered February 28, 2008) about 5 kilometers apart on the boundary of gneissic intrusive rocks in contact with gneissic rocks derived from metasediments and volcanics. In the most westerly block 2 claims comprise 110 hectares. The mineralization is found in at least 2 large pegmatitic lenses 150x50m and 100x30m. Analyses of selected samples gave the following results (GM49215 Quebec Assessment Files):

3.7% Total Rare Earth
1.55% Cerium
0.3% Thorium
0.28% Gadolinium
0.11% Praseodymium
0.155% Samarium
0.0357% Dysprosium
0.2% Lanthanum
0.649% Neodymium
0.114% Yttrium
0.59% Zirconium


The most easterly claim block also is made up of 2 claims (110 hectares) and contains mineralization similar to the first block. Selected samples from this property contained about 2% Total Rare Earths with about 1% Cerium, 1% Lanthanum and 0.1% Yttrium (GM48348 Quebec Assessment Files).

Lac Six Milles Platinum Property

This property is located about 20 km south of Belleterre, Quebec. It consists of 4 claims (232 hectares, registered March 8, 2008). An additional 16 claims (928 hectares) for a total of 20 claims were staked in July to make the property more substantial. A stream sediment survey was conducted by the Quebec Government in the area and 8 samples analyzed 6 to 122 ppb platinum. The anomalous values occur in an area of gneissic rocks. The property was visited by Western Troy in July and road access was established.

Lac Froid Cu-Ni-Co Pt Property

The Lac Froid property is located about 150 km northeast of the Lac St Jean area of Quebec. The property is comprised of 4 claims (210 hectares, registered March 15, 2008). A total of 4 copper-nickel-cobalt showings are located on the property:

A-Sond-01: Cu 0.16%, Ni 0.5%, Co 0.07% over 0.5m in diamond drilling
A/97-C235: 1.87-4.3% Cu in selected trench samples
0.53% Cu over 0.4m in diamond drilling
0.26% Ni over 0.5m in diamond drilling
0.34% Cu, 0.77% Ni, 0.1% Co
over 1.2m in a chip sample
B-Sond-01: 0.13% Cu, 0.1% Co, 0.68% Ni over 0.9m in diamond drilling
B-Sond-02: 0.76% Ni, 0.13% Cu, 0.08% Co over 1.5m in diamond drilling
690 ppb Pt over 0.21m in diamond drilling


Lac Connelly Molybdenum Property

The Lac Connelly property is located about 180 km north of Caniapiscau, Quebec. It is covered by 2 claims (94 hectares, registered March 20, 2008). The property was surveyed by the Quebec Government for stream sediment samples and the highest value in the area (550 ppm molybdenum) is located on the property. This property has not been visited by Western Troy.

About Western Troy

Western Troy Capital Resources Inc. is a mineral exploration company. Its 100%-owned MacLeod Lake Property, located about 275 km north of Chibougamau, Quebec, hosts a well defined Main Zone of mineralization as outlined by extensive drilling. In addition, a South Zone resource and several IP anomalies of potential interest have been identified. In April of 2008, Western Troy received an independent Preliminary Assessment (Scoping Study) consistent with National Instrument 43-101 on its MacLeod Lake Property. The report has been filed on SEDAR and is available at and on Western Troy’s website, Western Troy also has a number of early stage molybdenum, copper, uranium, platinum, rare earths, and other minerals exploration properties in Quebec. The shares of Western Troy trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol WRY, with 19,550,970 shares outstanding.

Statements in this release that are forward-looking reflect Western Troy’s current views and expectations with respect to its performance, business, and future events. Such statements are subject to various risks and assumptions, some, but not necessarily all, are disclosed elsewhere in the Company’s periodic filings with Canadian securities regulators. Such statements and information contained herein represent management’s best judgment as of the date hereof based on information currently available; however actual results and events may vary significantly. The Company does not assume the obligation to update any forward-looking statement.

Rex E. Loesby, P.E., is the qualified person that has reviewed the content of this press release.

The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or adequacy of this release.

For more information, please contact

Western Troy Capital Resources
Rex E. Loesby, P. E.
(416) 929-3268
Email: [email protected]

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