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Ängarna Destilleri AB (Ängarna means “the meadows” in Swedish) is the dream (obsession) of Mike and Olga Williams. We love everything about whiskey (or whisky) and we want to pursue our passion by producing top quality American-style rye and corn whiskey (bourbon) in the heart of Sweden. (footnote: Since Olga is Russian we are in negotiations about vodka)

We are in the beginning stages of founding a new distillery that will produce top-quality gin and American-style rye and corn (bourbon) whiskies in Sweden. This initial fund raising (60 000 SEK or $7000 USD) will help with expenses associated with founding the business (licenses and required 50000 SEK (~ $6000 USD) for setting up a limited company). This will allow us to attract the larger investments necessary to found a new distillery. Please help us pursue our passion of producing top quality whiskey. Thank you very much for your help; we welcome you as a part of the Ängarna family.

What do you get for your hard earned cash?
As part of the crowd funding campaign the Ängarna Distilling Company is offering five different levels of investment.

All those who donate, no matter how much, will recieve an Ängarna t-shirt, be included on the future website as founders and be eligible for news updates on our progress.

Investors donating 1000 SEK (~$120 USD) will be given a bottle of our first release whiskey, an official Ängarna distillery t-shirt and be eligible for special offers exclusive to founders.

Investors donating 5000 SEK (~$610 USD) will receive a bottle of first first release gin, a bottle of first release whiskey, a bottle of 5-year-old Ängarna whiskey, a bottle of the distillery’s first whiskey at cask strength, an official Ängarna distillery t-shirt, and become an “Ängarna Distillery family member”, making them eligible for free distillery tours, invitations to special events and first knowledge of any special release whiskies.

Investors donating 10000 SEK (~$1225 USD) – Will receive everything at the 5000 SEK level, will get an Ängarna distillery cask (20 litres), a cask owner hoodie and an opportunity to join the distillery’s experimental tasting panel.

Investors donating 20000 SEK (~$2450 USD)– the top funding tier available – Will receive everything at the 5000 SEK level, plus an Ängarna distillery cask (50 litres), a cask owner hoodie and an opportunity to join the distillery’s experimental tasting panel.

Who are we?
Mike Williams, has a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. He loves everything about the process of making whisky, in fact you may even say he is obsessed. To increase his distilling knowledge even further he was recently accepted by the Hariot-Watt University postgraduate distance program for Brewing and Distilling. He will also be taking a week long course in distilling at the successful Box Destillery in Northern Sweden and Mackmyra Distillery has tentatively agreed to let him pursue some of his course work at their distillery. Since his Mom lives in Kentucky, he will be taking a course in making bourbon in Louiseville. He has over 15 years of experience setting up and running internationally respected research labs. He also launched a successful new scientific journal. He researches eating behavior but whisky (or whiskey) is his passion. Olga is a successful artist and art teacher, who has teaching and translating degrees (she speaks Russian, Swedish, English and some German) from Sweden and Belarus. She’s the practical side of the venture and keeps Mike grounded. They plan to work with a team of professionals to build the business and grow it to enviable heights. Well, that’s the plan anyway

Generating Funding/Startup Capital
We intend to welcome external business partners, which is why we have decided to look for angel investors, as well as venture capitalists.

These are the areas we intend generating our start – up capital:

-Small business loans and grants available from the Swedish government

-Small investments from friends and family

– Online crowdfundng, such as GoFundMe.

-Approached Nordic Whisky Capital as a partner in the business

-Investments from angel investors, either as silent or active partners

-Applied to Diageo’s “Distill Ventures” program


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