Battle Against Acute Hypokalemia GoFundMe

My name is Keith and I was recently in the hospital because I was temporarily paralyzed. This is because my body has been wasting Potassium and it was 2.0 when I went to ER. After several days of being on an IV of Potassium Phosphate, I was again able to walk. The doctors said they spotted a “possible mass” on my left kidney after an Ultra-Sound was performed.

Now as an outpatient, they want to perform a CAT scan of my kidneys to verify or dismiss this. It looks as though I am going to be stuck with this Acute Hypokalemia for the rest of my life. Right now I have Acute Hypokalemia and have to take Potassium Chloride pills that are pharmaceutical grade.

I am very tired and my insurance will not cover all of the medical bills. I am anticipating a lot more testing and procedures. My condition is serious and your help with the medical bills would be greatly appreciated.

My brother is disabled and if something should happen to me then I would have to find someone to replace me to help him make wise decisions. This will also be very expensive.

However small a contribution would be very appreciated. Sincerely, Keith Bojesen