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BDRSuite Announces Agentless Proxmox VE Backup Offering Cost-Effective Backup Solution.

Agentless Proxmox backup is now available for download.

Pleasanton, California May 21, 2024 (EMWNews.com) – BDRSuite by Vembu is excited to announce the availability of new Agentless Proxmox Backup and Recovery solution, designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses utilizing Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE).

Download 30-day fully featured free trial for you to explore Proxmox Backup in your environment.

About BDRSuite – #1 Cost-Effective Backup Software  

BDRSuite by Vembu, stands out as the leading cost-effective and comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution designed to protect data across diverse environments, covering Virtual Machines (VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, oVirt, Proxmox), Servers (Windows, Linux, FileShare/NAS), Endpoints (Windows, Linux, Mac), Cloud (AWS, Azure), SaaS applications (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace), and Applications & Databases (Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle). BDRSuite extends its capabilities with BDRCloud, a cloud-based centralized management console. BDRSuite provides onsite, cloud, remote, and hybrid backup solutions, making it an ideal choice for Service Providers and Businesses.

 Key Features of Proxmox Backup       

Agentless Backup: BDRSuite provides agentless backup for Proxmox Virtual Environment, streamlining the process by eliminating the need to install agents on individual VMs. This simplifies process, reducing complexity and resource utilization.

Flexible Scheduling: Flexible scheduling options in BDRSuite empower organizations to customize their backup to meet the business requirements. BDRSuite ensures flexible scheduling, making sure that critical data is backed up, seamlessly integrating with daily business operations.

Efficient Data Recovery: In the event of data loss or system failures, BDRSuite ensures swift and efficient data recovery. BDRSuite offers instant VM recovery to restore entire VM in less than 15 mins and also granular recovery options, allowing users to restore individual files, folders, or entire VMs with minimal downtime.

Centralized Management: BDRSuite simplifies the backup management by providing a centralized web console to easily monitor and manage backups from a single, intuitive interface.

Cost-Effective Solution: BDRSuite’s commitment to cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes and types and MSPs.

Here is what Nagarajan Chandrasekaran, VP of Product Success, Vembu Technologies, has to say about Proxmox backup with BDRSuite:”

“We are excited to be the pioneering backup vendor offering Agentless VM Backup for Proxmox VE. This represents a significant advancement in our commitment to offer cost-effective data protection for diverse IT environments. With the addition of Proxmox VE support, we are ensuring that our customers’ data is safeguarded and readily accessible, no matter the environment. We are excited to lead the industry forward and continue setting new standards for data protection and recovery.”

BDRSuite’s agentless backup and recovery solution for Proxmox VE provides businesses with a reliable and cost-effective means of safeguarding their critical virtual environments. BDRSuite stands out as a prime choice for organizations looking to protect their Proxmox VMs and ensure business continuity in the face of potential data loss or system failures.

Get Started Today!  

Download BDRSuite’s Proxmox Backup today and protect Proxmox virtual machines in your environment.

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4141 Hacienda Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588


Source :Vembu Technologies

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