BIGresearch: Walmart, Kohl’s and JCPenney Shoppers Lean Towards McCain; Macy’s & Target Shoppers Towards Obama



2008-08-19 14:04:00

BIGresearch: Walmart, Kohl’s and JCPenney Shoppers Lean Towards McCain; Macy’s & Target Shoppers Towards Obama

Percentage of Undecided Voters Consistent Among Retailers

COLUMBUS, OH–(EMWNews – August 19, 2008) – When asked to “vote” as if the election were

held today, Walmart, Kohl’s and JCPenney Shoppers are more likely to vote

for McCain; while Macy’s and Target Shoppers say they would cast a ballot

for Obama, according to BIGresearch’s ( August

Consumer Intentions and Actions (CIA) Survey. The percentage of undecided

voters for each of these retailers is fairly even, with the exception of

Macy’s Shoppers.

If the Presidential Election were held today, who would you vote for?

            Walmart   Kohl's    JCPenney  Macy's    Target

            Shoppers  Shoppers  Shoppers  Shoppers  Shoppers

McCain      41.4%     43.8%     42.8%     34.2%     32.6%

Obama       33.3%     31.0%     32.4%     47.2%     41.5%

Undecided   21.1%     21.5%     21.6%     16.0%     21.8%

Source: BIGresearch, Aug 08 CIA

Although Walmart Shoppers are leaning towards McCain, they are split down

the political line; 37.1% align with the Democrats and 36.5% with

Republicans. JCPenney Shoppers are divided evenly as well (37.4% Democrat

v. 36.4% Republican). However, Kohl’s Shoppers tend to consider themselves

on the right side of the aisle at 39.3% (v. 33.7% Democrat).

Macy’s Shoppers are much more likely to be Democrat at 46.7% (v. 31.1%

Republican) and so are Target Shoppers (40.6% v. 31.7% Republican).

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Of the Walmart and Kohl’s Shoppers who are still undecided, over 29% of

each say they will make a decision the day of the Election. Over a quarter

of JCPenney (25.3%) and 21.5% of Target Shoppers will also decide at the

wire. However, it appears that Macy’s Shoppers will have already made up

their minds at that point; only 15.3% plan to decide at the last minute.

“Looking at such detail as how specific retailer shoppers are planning to

vote in November provides valuable insights into the mood of

shoppers/voters,” said Gary Drenik, President of BIGresearch. “By

understanding the political preferences of these voter groups, it’s

indicative of socio-economic impact on political preferences and

indecisions. Perhaps McCain should consider a bus tour through Walmart

parking lots and Obama could use Target.”

About BIGresearch

BIGresearch is a consumer intelligence firm providing analysis of behavior

in areas of products and services, retail, financial services, automotive,

and media. BIGresearch conducts the Consumer Intentions and Actions (CIA)

Survey which monitors more than 7,500 consumers each month. The CIA

delivers fresh, demand-based information on where the retail consumer is

shopping and their changing behavior. Unlike indicators based on past

performance, this data brings intelligence on where the retail consumer is

going, their intentions and actions. They also conduct the Simultaneous

Media Survey (SIMM) of more than 15,000 consumers twice each year.

BIGresearch’s methodology provides the most accurate consumer information

in the industry with a margin of error of +/- 1 percent.

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