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Charges Dismissed Against Dennis Pazos, Prominent Chiropractor

2008-07-15 11:25:00

 NY Trial Court dismisses all charges against Dennis J. Pazos, a prominent

  New York chiropractor, according to attorney for the defendant, David M.


    NEW YORK, July 15 /EMWNews/ -- In an Order of the Court dated

December 19, 1991, a New York Supreme Court Judge has dismissed all charges

against Dr. Pazos, finding that such dismissal was "in furtherance of


    Dr. Pazos had been convicted of conspiracy in the 5th degree and

falsifying business records, as part of an alleged conspiracy to defraud

insurance companies by fabricating the injuries and treatment of accident

victims. The case was appealed to the Appellate Division, which reversed

the conspiracy conviction. The New York Court of Appeals later reversed the

remaining charges, and remanded the case for a new trial. Rather than waste

valuable time and court resources, the trial court judge granted the

defendant's motion to dismiss.

    As a result of the dismissal, Dr. Pazos will have no criminal record.

    David M. Werfel, Esq., the attorney for Dr. Pazos, was pleased with the

dismissal. "Today's dismissal proves what we have always contended," Werfel

said. "That pursing this case was a waste of the court's time. Thankfully,

the Judge agreed."

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