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Having back problems is no fun, this drove me to create a product so I could do my job better, longer and with a lot less discomfort doing it.

Along the way I developed my product ( Dense foam pads ) that attach to existing straps of back packs, could help anyone who wears any kind of back pack from kid’s to adult’s to commercial application’s. ( shoulder saver’s )

The money will be used for , the prototype process being done at Jonco sewing and fabrication contractor in Milwaukee, cost of first run of product and start up cost. Patent already applied for.

Funds needed in the next three weeks to purchase first run of products.

I hope you all can help me reach my goal and fulfill my dream of being an entrepreneur and relieving people of their shoulder and back pain.

I will be eternally grateful for all who can spare what ever funds you have available to give.

Thank you all so much for your help,


Chuck Fuller

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