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Our mother was warned, if she ever made a will to her 11yr younger live-in boyfriend, she would put herself in danger. Six weeks before she passed, one month before her 85th birthday, she made a will in secret that gave him everything she owned.—Six weeks later she was dead.

We now know he assisted our mother in making this will leaving him everything, and that he had interrupted our mother and answered questions for her while this will was made. He also has a Health Directive, and with it he had our mother cremated and now has our mother’s ashes. We have contacted close friends of our mother and many feel she could have been murdered by this person. At her age and need for dependency, It is believed this live-in “boyfriend” threatened to leave our mother and pressured her to procure a will for himself. We have been told that he put our mother through “hell” in the last months before her death. This was when this will was procured.—Then just six weeks later as warned, our mother was gone.

The day after our mother passed he called her sister and stated, your sister has passed, then like he was gloating said,—I now own everything. He is living in our mother’s house and driving her car and has gone through everything of our mother’s without authority.

(Where you click on a picture to see 26 more), This “boyfriend” had nude pictures of our mother on Facebook. I nicely texted him and said they were in especially bad taste now that our mother has passed. He later texted me stating that he removed these nude pictures. When I looked he had now, for everyone to see, posted them as his FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURES. He had just done some penning out over our mother’s nude body. I don’t know why he would do something like this other than just ill spite but if he loved our mother and was deserving of everything she owned he should not act like this. Our mom was wonderful person, her memory does not deserve treatment like this

This boyfriend wrote (when Rita passed the love of my life passed), but he was seen singing and whistling with joy just three days after our mother passed in front of the house she lived in. One of two California properties he might get.

On Facebook, This boyfriend states, he had a (cheap HUD rental) he simply used as a storage unit for almost five years while he actually was living with our mother.

He told our mother for willing everything to him, he would make a will that would return everything back to our family when he passed. It seems he tricked our mother. Three days after our mother’s passing he started demanding large amounts of money from us and used this will as a bargaining chip to force our compliance by threatening to remove us from it. It seems it is now just to be used by him to extort money from our family. He stated we are not even a part of our mother’s probate and he will sell our mother’s houses and/or personal property anytime he wants or needs. in text he writes us, what ever I want to do with anything in my house is up to me and I needn’t confer with you or your brother… I can always change my will … If I need money, I can sell either or both the CA properties or give a lifetime interest. He stated he will take a “$,$$$…” offer from us to consider our desired personal property request for our family photos and mementos. This, without ever seeking court appointed authority or turning in his will to start probate yet.

This “boyfriend” is like a loose cannon, destroying our lives for his benefit. Without any legal authority he has stated, I am the fiduciary, I am the administrator, I am the executor, while demanding money from us. He has locked us out and gone through everything in her house for almost five months but now he has finally turned in a will. He now filed in court, that everything our mother owned was only worth $3,975 even with her Jaguar car (this is not including her two houses just her personal property). We now have to guess that he has not just gone through everything, but has also sold anything of value before turning in the will. This includes our mother’s past wedding rings and other jewelry, and all the antiques our family owned. Her car he just kept for himself. He even had our mother’s safe opened. He texted me, “I just got the safe opened to discover it completely empty”. This was after telling him not to open the safe without her family being there.

Our mother passed on the birthday of someone our attorney and our investigator think was married to this boyfriend” It feels like they planned this and are both benefiting from our mother’s death. After Rita passed he called her that night, telling her of Rita’s passing on her birthday. A full day passed before he called our family. They are now going to court together and we are wondering why, what’s going on? He states “our mother’s health suddenly changed adversely the night before the day of her death” she was still in a lot of pain on the second night and he left her alone to just get aspirin. When he returned, she was “gone” and then called an ambulance.

We believe they were fighting that night and he caused her to have an event, then just left.

The day after our mother passed he stated to us that everyone knew about her heart and artery problems and it was what killed her. NOBODY KNEW THIS. This sounded like a cover-up or alibi to us for the unexpected death of our mother while in his care.

At this time we have, an attorney, an investigator, and an expert witness (Case No. 18STP806857). We are contesting this will and collecting evidence, this evidence will be used to try to start a formal investigation. We are looking into the wrongful death of our mother and any Elderly Abuse, Undue Duress, and or Fraud or perjury. In testimony from Rita’s closest friends it states, this boyfriend would constantly interrupt her, answer questions for her, treat her like a child, and treated her like she was his puppet.—Less than a year before her passing she stated her boyfriend was “ pushy to the point where it was uncomfortable and abusive”.

FINISHING THIS CASE IS IMPORTANT. We have evidence that he planned this as an estate theft. We are told he pressured our mother. We believe this could even be what caused her event that night. We feel he tricked her when signing everything she owned to him. We feel we are doing something morally right but we have spent everything on this. We have spent what we had for our future for THE FIGHT FOR OUR MOTHER. Our worry now is that we have spent what we had and still need more if we are able to finish this case. If you can, please help, we deeply would appreciate any assistance. With your help we can possibly stop him but without money for representation we only have one choice, —we just let hint win and allow him to continue.

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