Custom Light Than Air (LTA) Craft to Circumnavigate The Flat Earth

Custom Light Than Air (LTA) Craft to Circumnavigate The Flat Earth

This is an Educational endeavor because it’s going to be undiscovered territory. And with your help we will be able to:

1. Raise Capital to build and setup/install specialized equipment to photograph, record, document and broadcast the proof of our Flat Earth to the world. Recorded and live broadcast.

2. Determine if the Antartic is a continent or vast Ice Shelf.

3. Explore the area at the North and South Pole regions to see if the rumors are true or just a falacy.

4. Determine the location of where the Dome meets the Ice Shelf.

5. Retrace the Steps of Admirl Byrd at the North and South Pole. And to locate the 5000+ miles of land beyond the South Pole.

6. Will contain 8 pairs of cameras setup for a horizontal 360 degree coverage with non-wide angle lens configuration. They will be in 3D config as well as normal mode. This will give coverage of the front, left, right sides, and rear while traveling. 8 pairs of cameras on top and bottom giving same coverage atop and below. All cameras will be connected to a computer that will record all video and transmitted back to main station.
I will have a live feed via youtube and/or Facebook.

7. The LTA will also be equipped with a Telescope with camera attachment linked to computer setup towards the top to allow viewing of the stars and moon. It will also be able to take aerial photos of distant places. All of which will be recorded onto harddrive and live feed online.

Together we can prove the Flat Earth to the world.