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Disabled Vet with terminal wife need help to move GoFundME Boost ViralExposure.us CrowdFunding Campaign

Wife has had surgeries, sickness, pain, missed diagnosis all with a happy to not show it attitude. A good person. Now she has Autoimmune disorder for years and it is catching up very fast. I need help to get her to a better environment. She deserves the easiest nicest possible passage.

Can be verified by GOOD SHEPHERD HOSPICE, Tampa,FL.
a separate gofundme account has been established at SUNTRUST bank to track funds.

I know none of us are rich, at least any of our friends, lol, this is a real crowd fund. Throw in a dollar and please pass this story on. I don’t want to say i missed my chance to help her, to move her. Just like when she sees how many people support her, she WILL be moved and she will live longer. Have you ever seen how a toxic environment destroys? This is a NEED.

Five years ago  they told my wife she had autoimmune disorder, that’s about as much time as they gave her. Fortunately she is still here, I’m ill as well but still wish her dream to come true.

We know life is not fair but she was given a big lot.  First operated on at nine as exploratory surgery. They found ‘adhesions’ on her appendix and removed it. Not being the real problem they operated again, nearly yearly, to remove ‘adhesions’. As her second husband I’ve witnessed into the high teens the number of surgeries, plus add in any repair surgery.  Almost 40 years and now they tell her she has autoimmune disorder. After a long, long bout of missed or wrong diagnosis that started with irritable bowl then Crohn’s disease, followed by any other intestinal ailment that could apply. Now, it’s to late to do anything except cry, maybe complain about her pain. Knowing nothing can be taken or she will destroy whats left of her Liver. It was the first major organ, now stage 3. It does really strange things to you, you can’t get to sleep, then when you do, you can’t wake up. Then, it was the Kidneys and the incredible upper back pain that goes along,  kidneys passed the liver right up to stage 4. Now, it is the  flaming up of the Pancreatitis which she refuses hospitalization, even though it’s a killer, because ‘they can’t do anything’. Before that it was the gall bladder, many UTI’s and anemia as well, others I can’t remember. Now depression. Especially over the neighbor.

I am a service disabled veteran with 8 heart attacks. I have Very few friends do to my PTSD. She was always the happy, friendly one. We are both 59, You can surmise her health and mine. She wants to die, hopefully in Hawaii. So I am desperately trying to get her there, where she feels best and always returned healthier then when she left. She fell in love with it after our son was lucky enough to land a job there. Now, hopefully she will be closer as well. We have been trying to sell our house to relocate but it needs some help and clean up that we can no longer do in any reasonable amount of time. She, is going faster now. I am beginning to worry, a lot. I just want to sell our farm with enough leftover to make her dream come true, but it doesn’t look good, with home values just back to 2005 on top of it all. Getting closer on things BUT Now i’m out of time and I need the help of others.

This was the retirement home. Everything her, and the dogs wanted. Now we must move. Unplanned and unwanted, due to a neighbor. It is no longer a  tolerable situation living where we do. My wife cries and says she hates it here nearly every day, it is slowly killing what’s left. I cry over her pain and cryng. Being here is a great detriment to her health.

Keeping it short, the neighbor took 7 years building his house, himself, GREAT i admire him for what he did. While building, he had numerous code enforcement problems and dogs running loose complaints. Michaelle and I were blamed for all the calls. We are Guilty of 2, a dog chained to a tree for weeks without visable water and when his dogs were loose and turned over all the cans of trash, mine. So, 30 days after moving in, they shot 5 of our dogs killing the mother,  who died very slowly. The mother was murdered while on her back, shot gun wounds in the chest and under her arms. NONE were in the face, the front, or even her back, just the feet and chest.  The Polk County Sheriff did nothing , they scolded us, for our dogs “attacking”. Rather then investigate. They even refused to take my story, never followed up later, as promised by 2  different officers. When I called from the vet. I was told the matter was closed,  and told that if I kept calling in, I would be the one arrested. What a Sheriff!!
We’ve had 2 more dogs die very suspiciously, nearly identical. Then when our pet puma, Collius was murdered, the same way. We knew we had to get out of here.  Can’t stay and let them kill the rest of our kids. Time to leave.
For this I shed tears and prayers. Thanks to any who can help and Blessings to everyone who reads and cares. Prayer works as well or better. Eric Vansen

Funds will be used in moving Michelle and  hopefully a leased home, unless we can sell sooner.  I’ll follow as soon as possible with our dogs.

ANY funds left will be donated to GOOD SHEPHERD HOSPICE, Tampa, FL, they’ve been there from the start. Almost 5 years now, just like the nurse said. Doctor was off though.


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/TermWifeDisbdVetNEEDto-move

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