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Eat This TV Network Takes the Lead as America’s Largest Cooking Show Network

In an era where cooking shows have evolved from the days of Emeril Lagasse to cutthroat competitions and harsh judging, Eat This TV network emerges as a culinary oasis. As the largest TV network dedicated to airing cooking shows in America, Eat This TV stands out by showcasing real chefs creating professional and incredible dishes.

Over the past five years, traditional cooking networks have experienced a decline in viewership, signaling a shift in audience preferences. Eat This TV responds to this change by focusing on authentic cooking, rejecting the trend of dramatic competitions and emphasizing real chefs doing real cooking.

Todd Maynard, the network’s Director of Programming for the last nine years, shares insights into the competitive nature of Eat This TV’s programming. “The programming here in the network is very competitive,” says Maynard. Getting a show on Eat This TV can be challenging, as the network sets high standards to ensure that only the best chefs and cooks are featured. We are on a serious hunt to find the best of the best as far as chefs, bakers, growers, pastry chefs and everything related to food.

Unlike other networks, Eat This TV screens almost every submission it receives, demonstrating its commitment to discovering the greatest culinary talents. If you have an idea, pitch it to Eat This TV at [email protected], but be prepared for tough competition, as this network only selects the very best. The network prefers to have Chefs who are ready to go and film 12 episodes. In order to make that happen the chefs have to have a good amount of clout and a great idea for the series.

Eat This TV network has redefined its mission by exclusively focusing on content that teaches people how to cook. While this may seem like a fundamental goal for any cooking network, Eat This TV distinguishes itself by providing viewers with genuine cooking show tips. The network has departed from the extravagant styles of Julia Child and the Galloping Gourmet, resonating with audiences who crave authentic culinary experiences. Although the old food hosts are dearly missed and remembered Eat This TV seems to be bringing back good old cooking with very talented foodies!

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Eat This TV network invites viewers to join a culinary journey where real chefs, real cooking, and real tips take center stage. As the number one destination for cooking enthusiasts, Eat This TV network continues to inspire and educate audiences with its commitment to genuine, instructional cooking content.

About Eat This TV Network:

Eat This TV network is the largest TV network dedicated to airing cooking shows in America. With a focus on real chefs creating professional dishes, the network has become a leader in the culinary entertainment industry. For more information, visit Eat This TV.

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