Emerging Industries and Strategies in the Web3.0 Era Endless Legend

Emerging Industries and Strategies in the Web3.0 Era — Endless Legend

The integration of blockchain technology and tokenomics with gaming has forged a novel gaming experience. With the advent of Web3.0 and the fusion of DeFi and NFTs, the melding of new models and gameplay mechanics has infused the market with fresh dynamism.


NFTs, crowdfunding, collateral pledges, decentralized trading, automated market-making, cross-chain bridges, Layer1+Layer2 structures, smart contracts, and liquidity aggregation have all found rejuvenated avenues of application.


The emergence of Web 3.0 heralds the internet’s progression into a deeper dimension, while the inception of the “Legend of Infinity” project offers invaluable practical insights for the grounding of the Web3.0 paradigm.

Endless Legend, spearheaded by the BC Technology Group’s Hong Kong-based Endless Investment Fund, is a powerful alliance with world-leading capital entities like Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital, and Crypto Capital. This collaboration has assembled the crème de la crème from the blockchain industry – top-tier architects, technical experts, and operation teams. With robust backing from Legendary M (Korea) and the Legendary M Game Factory, alongside the evangelism of over 120 global community advocates, the project receives prolific media exposure from the likes of BBC, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and numerous other premier international outlets. Strategic partnerships have been forged with top-tier platforms such as BlueMove and PancakeSwap to enhance consensus aggregation, laying the groundwork for a multifaceted Web3.0 application ecosystem. With initiatives like the Infinity Mystery Box and Infinity Treasure Hunt to drive traffic, and NFTs, blockchain-based games, and exchanges as its backbone, the “Legend of Infinity” is poised to generate sustainable returns for its global player base.


The Endless platform, utilizing a potent mix of incentive models, trading markets, and an ecosystem encompassing NFTs, blockchain-based games, and exchanges, has developed its native token and a robust GC points economic system. Guided by a DAO-based decentralized community, it aims for decentralized growth. The platform’s currency is continuously listed on top international exchanges, and its integrated applications are designed to steadily increase asset value, propelling players to reap substantial capital benefits. The Endless NFT integrated application will not only serve platform users but will also position itself as a comprehensive service market in the NFT space, advancing through limitless value enhancement and empowerment.


By initiating a multi-system ecosystem, every investor, player, and operator is given the opportunity to acquire wealth, ensuring that financial resources aren’t concentrated in the hands of a few. The high-standard proprietary exchange crafted will also provide players with a diversified profit channel and a secure avenue for asset liquidation. The Endless platform even earmarks a portion of its platform currency for an investor protection fund.


The launch of the Endless platform’s multi-series ecosystem is centered on the ethos of collective creation, consensus, and mutual benefit for all. The ecosystem, responding to social needs and entertainment values, aligns with the industrial chain’s practical applications, creating a substantial barrier to entry. This enables participants to swiftly shift their focus from financial gains to an industry chain ecosystem consensus, thus forging an even grander value ecosystem. The aim is to establish the most globally-consensus-driven community, ensuring the platform’s perpetual circulation and endless benefits for its players.


Here, one can immerse themselves in the unique, captivating world brought to you by the “Endless Legend” blockchain game, sharing the ecological wealth and experience!