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Free Degree Evaluation of Foreign Education Credentials for U.S. Armed Services

2008-08-05 02:01:00

Free Degree Evaluation of Foreign Education Credentials for U.S. Armed Services

Free Degree Evaluations for Military Personnel with Foreign Education

Credentials Offered by Career Consulting International

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(EMWNews)–Members of the U.S. Military with foreign

education credentials can receive a free foreign

degree evaluation by Career Consulting International, announced CCI

Executive Director Sheila Danzig.

Most people would argue that the might of the United States Armed Forces

carries a worldwide impact. No government on the planet has ever tackled

the entire might of the U.S. Military and emerged victorious. But Danzig

doesnt care.

In fact, Ms. Danzig has posed a challenge to every foreign-educated

member of the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, and all active

reservists within those branches. And the foreign education credential

evaluators at CCI are daring service personnel to take Ms.

Danzig at her word.

Im prepared to

offer foreign degree

evaluations free to 50 active military people each month.

When asked about a possible 51st person, Ms.

Danzig responds, There wont

be 51. I dont expect 50 military people who

were educated outside the U.S. to come forward and take advantage of

this offer every month. She quickly adds,

however, The 51st

will be the first degree evaluation performed on the first day of the

next month.

Individuals who have attended high schools or universities outside the

United States require evaluations of their foreign

credentials to demonstrate evidence of the U.S. equivalency of their

foreign degrees or diplomas. People generally need these evaluations for

further study at U.S. universities, employment or for immigration

purposes. These evaluation reports, however, can be costly, ranging from

$70 to hundreds of dollars. This hasnt

deterred Sheila Danzig from offering them at no charge to our military.

Our military goes unnoticed as they work to

defend all of us, Ms. Danzig states. U.S.

Military personnel, both domestic and abroad, offer their duty to their

country unreservedly. Offering the services of that foreign education

credential evaluation agency free of charge is one way Ms. Danzig can

demonstrate her support, as well as that of her foreign credential

evaluation agency.

CCI has agreed to continually update Armed Services personnel regarding

how many soldiers respond to this challenge each month. When asked

whether shes met her match in issuing this

challenge to the entire United States Military, Sheila Danzig just

laughs. Im from

Brooklyn, she says. I

am up for the task!

The agency specializes in difficult cases such as those that have

received RFEs or Denials from USCIS. However

they are happy to do simple evaluations as well.

For a free foreign degree evaluation and to learn whether your foreign

credentials are the educational equivalency of a degree at a U.S.

accredited college or university in the U.S. call, Outside the U.S.

954-384-9541 or Toll Free 1-800-771-4723.

Career Consulting International
Sheila Danzig, 954-270-7318 or

[email protected]

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