Guatemala School Furniture

We envision every child having the best learning opportunities possible, beginning with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. This vision can be hampered for the majority of the students attending The Telesecundaria El Morral in rural Guatemala. The disadvantages begin withtheir limited school furniture and supplies in their classrooms. This summer, I had the privilege of teaching as a guest professor at Telesecundaria El Morral and met a wonderful group of students with a great desire of learning. The faculty members at this Junior High school hope to serve every student who attends, but they are in great need of financial support from all of us. The education budget in Guatemala is limited and sometimes teachers pay for students’ supplies on their own.

Please consider helping these students obtain the essential classroom furniture and school supplies. In an effort to help with the current situation and support their teachers, the students decided to recycle plastic bottles and sell them to raise funds to purchase desks and chairs, whiteboards, and school supplies. The students’ activity of selling plastic bottles, also includes the desire to support their peers who struggle with the expenses of schools supplies and bus transportation from their villages. Furthermore, due to lack of air conditioning units, all classrooms are in need of at least ceiling fans to keep the classroom temperature tolerable. The average temperature in El Morral, Guatemala during the months of May-July ranges from 82 to 96oF.

Your support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you to help students in El Morral achieve their academic goals. The target date to raise the total amount is November 30, 2018 to allow suppliers to deliver school furniture during the end of year vacation time for the students. The idea is to begin the new academic year of 2019 with the new classroom furniture. Please help us make this dream a pleasant reality.