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Hello my name is Cendi Prewett…I Don’t even know where to start. Alot has happened to me in the last 5 months .I almost lost my life I had a huge tear in my abdomen in witch caused me to have internal bleeding for days in the C.C.U.. IT WAS THE MOST painful thing I ever had to endure.

The Dr. Didn’t think I was going to make it because I take blood thinners for a mechanical heart valve that I had gotten in 2014.i was to high risk for surgery. The only thing everybody could do is Wait for it to stop.i lost 5 and one half pints of blood I was dying.i really don’t know but only a miracle from God stopped the bleeding he saved me.after two blood transfusions and some time I was able to go home .

I could not even walk when I called disability to tell them what when they told me i no longer am able to receive disability. I’m fighting this. I’m asking for help to buy a rebuilt engine for my car so I can be able to get to my appointments to try and keep my disability I’m overwhelmed .

If you knew me you already would know how grateful to you I would be please help .

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