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Hello, dear visitor,

I am truly humbled and honored that you are taking the time to read my words.

Please bear with me for a few minutes, for I am about to tell you a story almost nobody knows of hope, love, light, and compassion.

My greatest passion is human development – to build, grow and evolve character, spirituality, and love in yourself to achieve “greatness” on the outside. When you are aligned with your core, the Universe conspires to make things happen around you as nothing nor no one could ever do. Having said that, after a near-death accident and surgery I had over a month ago, I decided that I would not waste a single minute of my life (for I almost ran out of time completely and forever). I promised myself I would pursue my passion with fearless determination. And that is, precisely, what this campaign is about.


The money raised with this campaign will be utilized to build a project 100% focused on human development. Coming from a wide array of experiences and backgrounds, my team and I will work endlessly to spread kindness, positivity and spiritual awareness through the use of online blog posts, booklets, podcasts and video entries that are intended to sow seeds of consciousness in people´s hearts. The answer to a better world exists in the understanding that building one´s character comes first than anything else.

When the time comes, a percentage of the profits from the project will (always and forever) go towards charity.

And what about the accident?

For the past six weeks, I have been recovering from a near-death bicycle accident. I was riding back home when two pedestrians crossed my way, which resulted in me falling and hitting my head on the cement pavement. Once I made it to the hospital, the doctors assessed I had a rapidly growing blood clot which caused internal pressure in my brain. I was going to die if they did not operate immediately – I spent six hours in surgery, seven days in the ICU; and for a moment I almost had no pulse at all.

Do you want to know the truth? Tasting death so close has been a fascinating life-changing experience. I woke up being surrounded by so much love, beauty, compassion, and support that the whole experience has opened my heart and consciousness widely. Even more, I believe every single creative idea or project that was sparked before the accident falls in line with my new found calling: bringing good, change, positivity, and light to this world.

WHY? Because I see what happened to me not as a miracle, just like doctors said, but as an OPPORTUNITY; beyond surviving, I was born once again. If I was lucky enough to be born with the gift of being creative, I want to use it to bring positivity into the minds of people. I cultivate my own consciousness when I help others find their purpose in the world – that is not only my passion but a responsibility.

Your generous contributions towards this project will go towards the following:

Purchasing software and applications needed for this project.
Graphic design.
Developing the website.
Writing and editing a booklet that will be distributed to subscribers.
Public Relations.

To you, my dear friend, relative or stranger that is considering donating to this cause: If you donate $250 USD or more, I will list your name on the website as a founding contributor as a gesture of gratitude. I do not want to lose any more time, and that is why raising this money is so important.

If you want to keep up with my daily happenings and follow my projects, please visit my website (and I will be posting updates through GoFundMe too). You can expect to see more videos and blog posts related to this project.

Thank you so much for reading this far. There are not enough words to thank you for even considering helping me with your contribution through such a challenging endeavor. By donating to this cause, you’re also giving me a hand to keep part of my energy and resources for my recovery.

All the best for you and your loved ones, with my sincerest gratitude and wishing all the best for you,


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