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Hey! I’m Alex. Thank you for looking at my page! I’m an Environmental Science Honours student, and doing this degree has seriously opened my eyes to the devastation going on in and around the Amazon Rainforest. Over 1 million hectares of rainforest have been lost to deforestation over the years and the wildlife is in rapid decline. Animals lose their homes and their lives, and in turn the food chain becomes affected. Just to put things into perspective, the Amazon is the world’s largest rainforest and the largest river basin on the planet. More species are found here than anywhere else.

The region is believed to be home to 10% – 1 in 10 – known species on Earth. Of plant species found in this region, 75% are unique to the Amazon, and there are 3,000 species of fish, the largest number of freshwater fish species in the world. Today, the Amazon is facing a multitude of threats as a result of unsustainable economic development; 20% of the Amazon biome has already been lost and the trend will worsen if gone unchecked. Amazon is the biggest deforestation front in the world and interventions are urgently needed to prevent a large-scale, irreversible ecological disaster.

WWF estimates that 27 per cent – more than a quarter – of the Amazon biome will be without trees by 2030 if the current rate of deforestation continues. That’s a crazy number. So, where’s your money going? Unlike many charities, I can tell you exactly where your money will go, and I’m going to be totally open and honest about it. First off, 20% of the total target will be going to my chosen wildlife charity, the WWF.

They do some amazing work for wildlife all around the world, they submit honest financial reports and have genuinely made a difference. You can find out more about this charity, and donate, here: The rest of the money will fund my flights, travel and medical insurance, vaccines, accommodation, food and equipment I’ll need during my stay. What will I be doing? For duration of my stay, I and an enthusiastic team will be reforesting; planting trees; helping wild animals at local sanctuaries and in the wild and nursing them back to health, and educating local communities on the environment and the affects of deforestation. Not a single penny of this is going to myself, but entirely to allow me to travel to this unique destination and help a small team get on with an Amazon project with a big impact. I will be doing this project through Helpstay. You can see a bit more here: Please do note that if funding does, for any reason go exceptionally higher than the target, there’s the possibility of funding the project further, including more volunteers, more trees, more animals being treated and, in fact, it would make the project grow from a small one to a large one. Who knows where this could go? Thank you so much for helping towards this cause! If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact me 🙂

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